This changes to improve F2P players

I get that you are trying to prevent bots and thats why the market, trading and sending mail to other players is not available, but we need to be able to store accesories and ability stones on our roster inventory and why cant we send mail to ourselves? this 2 changes will help f2p players a great deal because we are forced to play self found

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I am f2p and I can use the market, trade and send mails, not sure how those are related. I can also mail myself, also not sure how thats helpful though. And about sharing items through roster, sure it saves the pheons, but in my thousands of hours playing I’ve had maybe 1 singular item ever that i wanted to use on a different character, other good items you can just sell, and use that gold to make better characters / better roster overall. Being “self found” doesn’t hinder me at all

i think you didnt get the memo, since february new accounts cant use the auction house, send mail or trade to other players unless they spend 5 dollars on steam, so it is 100% self found,

f2p, started on release trusted in steam with 2FA, quit july came back january,still not trusted in lost ark and can’t send mail. lot of poeple with same issue :smiley:

Then its new accounts after february, not “f2p”, thats not me “not getting the memo” thats you not expressing yourself clearly. Yet again dont understand what your “self found” statement is supposed to mean here but then just… spend 5 dollars? If thats all it takes to fix it? Or is that an unacceptable level of pay2win?

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wow spend 5 dollars how didn’t i think of that , you must be a genius, im running to do that right now

Great, so what’s the problem here?


You can play because of people who spend money into the royal-crystal-gold machine.

If those people disappear you are dependent on pheons given from amazon to you. I doubt that you can develop a good roster from it.

Glad i could help, seems like the solution was pretty simple :smiley_cat:


my 2nd account created like less than 1 month before trusted system applied
i stopped playing it before the trusted system at lvl 40ish, play it back in january and i can still use the mail and AH
even turned off the steam guard
btw i used AH once or twice before the trusted system, maybe it counted as trusted cause of that?

the feature of placing tradeable items you find on your own roster storage in not an imposible concep, is not a crazy idea i just came up with im pretty sure is standard for most games, why will anyone be against it?


don’t ask me how or why, they themselves didnt give us a real answer, only "maybe spend some money in the game and the issue will be solved,while claiming to be f2p lol, and i even saw people spending money in the game with years old accounts not getting trusted.
I’m just playing for fews days nyway before i quit again.

yea i saw it too, their trusted system seems unstable
i mean it even worse like RNG

*edit : xtag @Malhein lmao

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while SG/AGS knows keeping a healthy playerbase around is essential to survival of any mmo, f2p players arent really the ultimate focus of any changes they make to the game to combat bots or deal with any kind of major issues. U get what AGS/SG allows u to get, that’s it.

Even if you spend 5 dollars on steam you still need pheons to send equipment because amazon hates its F2P player base because they do not give them money.

They are just missing a news post announcing they do not care about their F2P players opinions because that how it is at this point.

i got trusted real fast, after buying rcs for additional char slots, so idk why pple have issues with the process

this post is not about trusted status but a feedback about placing items in the roster storage and/or sending mail to yourself

why would u mail anything to yourself?

I regularly get stones on characters that can’t use them but would be usable on another. Sometimes once in a blue moon you even get a usable item for one of your other characters. That’s why he wants to send items to other characters in his roster.