This community has a big problem with meta chasing and overhyping of difficulty

So as a context, i have been doing argos for around a month now.

I have been playing Sharpshooter and at least in my server getting rejected from parties is pretty common. Most lobies only accept only 4x3 overly geared people with “top tier” classes like berserker, sorcerer and the likes.

After joining a guild i decided to try argos p3 for the first time, and it went pretty well, even got MVP, even tho i don’t have perfect stats and engravings, in fact far from it.

Meta chasing is something that in my opinion is killing online games. Most players follow blindly what most streamers and content creators say is the top thing to do, and overhype it like it’s necessary for progressing, when in reality that isn’t the case at all.

You don’t need 4x3 engravings to do any content right now, you don’t lvl 6+ gems, you don’t need the most op card set, you don’t need to play the top meta (dps gap is actually lower than most people think).

But most of all CONTENT IS NOT THAT DIFFICULTY. It requires communication for sure, but isn’t as bad as videos and tutorials make it to be. Watching a video is recommended for sure, but playing is where you really get a sense of the stuff your learned and it’s ok to make mistakes here and there.

Valtan doesn’t need a nerf, and it won’t be impossible to do on pugs. People did it in KR, people did it in RU, surely global servers can.

We seriously need ways to work out disinformation in the community, there is no way only top meta classes can clear the most recent content, and for sure there is no need to max out your gear before even doing the latest raid.


just create your own party finder

I agree. My current bard build cost below 4k and does its job perfectly for Argos and will be viable for Valtan hard too.


Awakening/class engraving/HA/Expert/Crisis evasion

With this setup, it even allow you to do a few mistakes and still be alive to support your party with buffs and debuffs. A dead bard offers no buff.

Sadly its much easier for u to make ur own party than to try to change peoples mind on a forum where these people prob dont check

But worst offenders are these who lfg yoho at their ilvl and say check engraving.

(Ex: 1375.3 ilvl put req to join at 1375…)

I guess some prefer to wait longer huh


What are you talking about? Those 5 ilvls are a massive differebce /s


I don’t see it as a problem unless it hinders me from playing the game. I don’t expect nor will I ask to be in parties with a bunch of “top tier” overly geared 4x3 people. I either make parties titled “first time p3” to carry(and my actual my first time) or avoid joining ones that say “quick run”, “juiced”, etc.

In fact, I would be the one hindering their idea of fun so I don’t really see what the “big problem” is.

Don’t know what you’re talking about.
We all knew that Argos is the kids tutorial into the first raiding experience of this game.

It’s just “hardcore casuals” who somehow thought you need engravings and a high roster lvl to do starter content :rofl:

Also to Valtan doesn’t need a nerf. We’re already getting the nerfed versions of the legion raids anyway. We’ll get the same how they are now in Korea, which is alrdy the dumbed down version in comparison to first release.

I definitely agree with you that there is an annoying part of the playerbase who expect everything from you and less from themselves. I don’t get rejected from parties for not having engravings, I also don’t think you can just assume that every time you get rejected it’s because of your engravings or your card set, or because you’re missing a few gems. Some people are even worse on the whole meta chasing ida and only chose the popular classes because sharpshooter couldn’t possibly be good if nobody plays it. There are also players who just hate Sharpshooters because everyone they’ve seen is bad or toxic, I definitely have only seen toxic artillerists for instance, not to say I blindly hate artillerist to be clear. I’ve got two sorcs and a glaivier up there and have no problem getting into parties obviously, I’m excited to find out how bad it really is when I get my soulfist and dps bard up. They’re both 1340 right now. Maybe it’s just a server problem who knows.

Valtan doesn’t need any nerf, and people should stop with this insecure mindset.
You don’t need to have perfect everything to clear any content.
People are simply very afraid to fail lol

No they cant because global servers dont exist

Otherwise i agree. Current content is pretty brainded

People will still fuck up valtan though guaranteed

It’s quite easy to understand:
You can compensate the lack of skill with extra ilvl and engravings/gems/cards. The faster boss will die = the less mechanics/skill needs to be used = less % of wipe = faster clear.

Not saying it’s a good mentality.

Btw my first Argos p3 was quite funny, we blitzed p1 and p2, but wiped 6+ times on p3. One time everyone had a brainfart and on day cycle when you need to go to golden seed, all went in and then walked out too early))) ALL of us)))

I have a friend who plays deadeye and i can say for sure in his case he gets rejected for playing deadeye.

Dude has cracked stats and engravings and still is never accepted on lobbies.

Also i have seen multiple times people requiring roster level for runs, which is kinda dumb and another thing to add to the list of stupid requirements for raiding…

My two highest level friends are deadeye and gunslinger, when we didn’t make our own parties I would often get taken first and have to ask the leader to bring them in too. To be fair I’ve been at least 15 item level above them since we got to 1370, but it still supports what you said.

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I accept alot of people. There are exceptions to the rules of 3x3 engravings. Some classes only need 2 to function properly like gunlancer. But some need 3x3 or potentially more to function well.

But argos is easy tbh. It makes it easier to have people who know about their class which is why i prefer people who looked up a guide and know how to build thier character.
Which means having decent engravings, byooking up a guide or what the top korean players are running etc etc.

The problem about meta chasing is nobody understands the engraving system, which is why theres metas atm. Later on there will be significantly more choices of your engravings cause youll be running 5-6 of them. But right now we only have 3-4 and theres less choice cause your class engraving and grudge is some of the most important on most damage classes. So you only have 1 other to experiment with. Etc etc.

But lack of knowledge makes a meta cause people dont understand the system, so they seek alternative resources to help guide them.

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Exactly, people make argos seem like a very difficult raid but it’s in fact not.

The community stresses too much about optimizing their gear and as you said, most classes can actually be quite flexible with engravings choice, but most will be parroting what most streamers told them.

Well some streamers are right, i cant say all cause idk all of them or their takes.

But im pretty familiar with zeals, saintone, and kanima. Which they are very knowledgeable of the game cause they have played it for awhile.

This game has been out for a hot minute now most of the discovery for engravings and stats etc etc, has already been done. People have figured out the exact bonus of certain engravings and calculated the perfect mathematically correct builds.

So to some extent we’re always gonna have a “meta” of what engravings we should take until we catchup to KR build, if we ever even really catchup. But i think right now certain things are set in stone, eventually with the additional engravings like 4x3 or 5x3 is when theyll be more flexible.

But if some sorc or blade or pure dps dummy is running around with drops and heavy armor and a class engraving im not inviting them to my party. But if someone has grudge 3, class engrave 3 and a 2 of ambush or something else yeah fuck it.

They have less hooligans than western players. Also fhey can do math. Because incase we forgot, this is literally 80% of the player base iq. We cant do math so how are we clearing content besides getting carried? We arent.

Theirs a reason players who are 1400 are paying for p3 argos carry. Got the ilevel and gear to do it, but not the brain

Party Find is pretty absurd. Like people asking 1400+, 3x3 eng, gems, etc for Yoho. Lol… I guess they like to delete the poor fox in 2 min.

I mostly use Matchmaking for everything and ppl are in general fairly competent though you run into some desperate cases like in any game.

Pretty easy to explain when ypu wipe the first time where someone should be. Its not rocket science unless your confused yourself.

Dont use party finder for guardian raids thats for try hards, carries or twitchtv. (Id recommended party finder in t1 and t2 easier to find groups and potintal free carries)

Dont use the mathmaking in legion raids and abyssal dungeons, abyss raids etc. Cause theres gear requirements for most of those and i can guarantee more of the matchmaking parties are probably filled with people who think grudge is useless lmfao.

Daily content=matchmake if you want
Weekly content= probably better to use party finder
Events= dosnt matter