This game became worse

( NAW )
Ever since the last update it feels like if you were below 1500 you might as well quit.

Alts at 1415 > Free honing to 1445 but NM valtan doesn’t exist anymore and same with Vykas, If you do get into one of these groups it’s a stupid high chance of getting jailed with no way out

You push alts to 1445 > GL getting into a valtan HM group since the ilvl requirement will always say 1460+ on all groups > Vykas NM…these groups don’t even exist anymore

Pushing alts or your main to 1460 or 1475 ? Even with 5x3 95% of groups won’t accept you into clown because you don’t have a title or the group is 1490+

You used up everything and hit 1490 > You have access to 2 gates of Brel and will most likely be denied since every runs 1-4 / 5-6 / Busses

Making a support character ? You better hone to 1460 - 1475 or 1500 or you’ll be denied or won’t find a group at all because there’s 2 supports in the group

I’m not sure if it was the gold nerf or honing buff that destroyed the game like this but the gold nerf should of came with Brel hard or 1 month after brel hard release…At the start of the month we also could of let players know that a gold nerf was incoming

I understand players want to ferrari everything but how does a returning player or a new player even get to play the game when all raid groups want you to be way over ilvl when the raid is 1445 or 1460 / 1475

You are forced to hone all characters to 1460 despite not even being able to get into some raids unless you have friends to fill up slots or a guild and if you don’t have either than you weekly gold income is lowered even more.


I am pretty tired of defending the game for days without stop.

But you, Sir, are special. You ignored hundreds of threads asking the same questions, which means you ignored tens of thousands of replies to those very questions.

This thread needs to get closed.

I’m literally gonna get a nervous brekdown.

Do it like I do. Everytime you’re doing daillies on certain character, check the party finder for your raids to see if there are lobbies opened. When you spot a lobby which looks like they could accept your character which needs to do it, switch to that character and do it.

You don’t have to open your own lobby and sit for hours to fill it, athough that also works. I know I can’t do my daillies like that, so I do it as I’ve explained.

Instead of crying on the forums, do all the content you can so you can get books and materials to sell on the market → use that gold to improve stats/engravings → enjoy raiding.

Also, whenever possible, send dispatch for Green seals → you can buy 6-10 stone of sages in your SH → you can craft and sell 6-10 powder of sage every day

That’s 1860 g per day. You can thank me later.


yeah…the whole “play at your own time” is a lie


Stop defending the game then and acknowledge it’s poorly managed.

You don’t tell players the most important currency in the game is getting nerfed hours before the patch.
The raids either exist or they don’t…It’s not hard to go into raid finder on NAW and see how disgusting it is…This game is a race and most people are tied in last place.
Why should a being way over ilvl define if you get accepted into a raid or not ? Why does a title define if you get accepted or not ? I see plenty of people with title who don’t know mechanics…Plenty of people with hellmode title at that who don’t know the mechanics…where does that bring us…bussing which is what the other half of the raid group in finder also look like now. Bussing is thriving because a lot of player simply don’t get accepted into raids or can’t
make a group.

No player should feel like they have to paranoid check raid finder or sit afk in punika - feiton - vern scrolling through party finder just to hope to get a group.

This game is not RU or KR so it shouldn’t be managed like it is…tell the game management team you’re defending to actually look at the state of the game / economy for once and ask if this release is good for this time period. Most of them probably DO NOT play the game and it shows.


Bro, my post is still much better. I even gave you all free 1850 g per day to stfu and keep playing.

WHat do you achieve by shitposting against the game all the time? Sure as hell the devs not gonna sit in the plane, visit you at your house and fix all your problems that day.

Might as well sit down to think about if you wanna play this or not, and if you do, what do you gotta do to make that experience better?

Honestly, what the fuck do you get by complaining? You lose energy. Yes, some of that energy is negative, so you feel better, but I can assure you it’s only temporary.

Because your organism learns that it feels better after complaining, soon it becomes a habit.

So you know what? If you’re going to be a habitual complainer, you’re not gonna live a happy life. I promise.

So instead of complaining, go make coffee and sit down, scroll the market, take paper, pencil and start calculating a plan.

When you have a plan to execute, suddenly you don’t have time and energy to complain.

And if you read my last post, gold nerf is meaningless if you just keep playing the game.

Gold wasn’t nerfed only for people who were on 1415/1445.

It was nerfed for everybody. Everybody had something on Valtan and Vykas.

So stop with the bullshit. Please.


pushed my chars to 1460 and i am now dead in the water.
i also liked playing supports so half my roster is bricked.

i am a morning player , but now there are no groups and even if i accept anyone into mine - i can’t fill it.

they really destroyed any progession for players under 1500. it was a fun experience in the morning , but now it a wasteland.

gave the devs about $250 , but i guess they not want any more from me.

i want to play the game , why do all these companies cater to the minority and not the players with lives.


Hey there, don’t despair. There’s a couple of things you need to know before forming a decision about this game

  1. 1460-1490 is a pretty hard zone to be in, because you have a raid every 15 ilevels and it’s hard to get accepted into lobbies on ilevel. That much is true. But it’s important to be aware of it because surviving that zone means the game only gets better for you :slight_smile:
  2. So you like playing supports? That is GREAT news for you, because supports normally get insta-accepted into stronger lobbies because we lack supports.

The probems you’re having last 2 weeks entering lobbies is temporary, because new support class was released (Artist) as well as free 4x3 support engravings for everyone, so many dps mains created a support to try out the class or enjoy free engravings for 3 months.

Since supporting isn’t that easy or fun as everyone thinks it is, each day more of them drop it and return to dps-ing, so the lobby situation should get better every day.


White knighting at its purest form in these threads

Just let go of the copium intake and accept reality


it’s only logical the game like in kr is catering to payers & whales. And they come here to defend.

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lol get in a clan

Just based on Historic it’s a bad decision. KR player we’re sitting in T2 for years, they’ve had 5x the time we had to reach Brel Hard / Akkan. And the same amount of time to make more gold.

It’s not because we are getting close to KR in term of Item Level that we are in the same position. A KR random roster will always end up being better geared than it’s equivalent in NA.

I don’t understand that decision at all… the game is still new around here, so why making it so bad on the potential new players…I see no logic but money. Very disgusted at that decision, my playing time can talk on it’s own lol. Been putting the game aside much more than usual lately. And im one of those big pumper roster… Still doesn’t mean I appreciate to be openly disrespected by some nerdy dev who’s wife is asking when is the next trip ))))))))))))))


The nerdy developers that do the programming don’t usually have much of a say in the direction of the game. They’re just told what to do.

SG isn’t a public company )) its private own and they don’t sell any actions. I think the dev have a bigger say than what you are suggesting

If you can’t find any lobbies on your own level, that means YOU are the minority.


lostark in kr is a freaking p2w game, AGS made na/eu lostark too f2p friendly, reality lands and hits like a truck after you have invested hundreds of hours, lol, its just a honey trap afterall.

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Gold nerf was purposefully done 1 month pre brel hard to milk the remaining whales. Also, the flawless strategy of countering bots income by pushing them to 1445 free but nerfing gold. Guess who is affected? Same mindless approach. What is the pojnt of the 1375 changes then? lmao. They don’t play the game nor do they know how to run it.

gold nerf is necessary as a multi boxing/anti bot measure, they are losing money there really. Bots/rmters really do a lot of damage to the economy, rmters buy lots of gold and then the first item they spend on, is usually blue crystals, this wipes all the efforts put into making the game f2p friendly, its a mmo, it needs new players to come it. No rmter will admit that he is a direct cause of inflation ingame, he’ll get instant crucification.

great job whoever is running the show. You have managed to 1) destroy bus driver incoming by reducing the gold they can drive, and 2) reducing the population that would take a bus - getting under 100k ppl now.

This is a lesson that the community has to learn. Bussing is great short term, but you have to understand that when you drive a bus, you slowly destroy other’s ability to earn gold and progress, and you slowly destroys the very game that you try to thrive it. It is like chopping down the trees in your backyard for your fireplace, you slowly destroy your backyard and eventually you have no more trees left and you still be cold. That is why the people who has the foresight were against bussing, and against p2p/p2w mechanics of the game.


I bus myself and I was always against it

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