This game environment is getting miserable

Blue crystal price shows how gold is worthless. NA server market is flooded with bots(AGS literally surrendered). Every time they try to do something about bots it’s always hard grinding players get hurt more. DCs getting so bad ppl can’t even clear Brel. Delaying artist until April while publishing weird stuff that few ever asked for.
You can tell how they don’t care anymore from the frequency of communication - converging to zero at the moment. Horrible and amusing.


Do they realize how they don’t have much time left until this game dies? Remember there will be no major content in 4 months. What do they expect from active players?

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Yeah the 1375 gear requirement for opening Boss Rush lootboxes sure are going to hit those who do “hard grinding” hard. Most bot countermeasures (excluding the 20 item limit) has been stuff that had little to no effect for anyone who have played the game for a while :man_shrugging:


I did not even mention 1375. And yes most people who use punika pass will not push their alts to 1375 - they grind and they get hurt more because bots don’t care.

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My extra alts at 1370 can be honed to 1375 which isn’t too much of an issue but my 1340 alts… I don’t really wanna hone 35 ilvls just to open a box.

In addition, those leapstones from the boxes can’t even be used for 1302-1370 now because u have to be 1375 to open the chest. It makes no sense but it’s their way of combating bots even though it won’t really hurt them yet again

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Also, hard grinding includes busing and trading. If you believe the countermeasures deployed have very little impact on hard grinding people you don’t understand how to grind in this game.

I’d say that forcing them to do group content is quite a significant wrench in the gearbox :man_shrugging:

Yea, it will be a wrench in the gearbox of the players that get grouped with them in MM.


It will hurt me and I am NOT a bot…
My highest toon is 1370 and I am now stuffed.

Time to move on to a better game I think. (I already have… shhhhh… apart from dailies)

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Buddy, You’ve made it clear that you’re a f2p casual player who doesn’t craft in stronghold if this is your opinion… For those of us not fitting that specific description, the 3 day hold is extremely annoying when buying gold or items to sell from the cash shop, the 10s delay between purchases in the market when you have to buy 50 total stacks of multiple items is absolutely depressing and the 20item hold for those of us selling crafted items, acquired accs/stones, and doing busses(not even enough spots to do busses anyway but we try) is just terrible. The bots on the other hand are at an all time high, freely roaming 1370+ content and zones with no bans or restrictions in sight… Bots need to be removed/banned, not “restricted” while actually being allowed to flourish unaffected by said “restrictions”.

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It’s not AGS fault.

it’s just the game is bad and the dev’s don’t care to make their game good.

the game lacks content.
literally was designed to make 10+alts and press alt+q doing endgame raids over and over with nothing outside alt+q that is actually “fun”

so just keep pressing alt+q until next raid+class and then another raid+class in another 4 months after.

BC prices WILL continue to rise.

Whales have ZERO incentive to spend or play when they just got a 8 month+ vacation with 2-3+ new mmos coming out this year.

Lost ark is going to die.


The game is good enough for what it was designed for: generating revenue/profit.

2 of whales i know in my guild left the game already. Pity one of them told me they spent over 70K USD until now. Pretty sure other one same around.


I think you need to be some kind of a masochist to play this game. It has so many systems that seems to be there just to piss off the player.

D4, please deliver me from this mess! From one mess to another? Maybe, we’ll see. :rofl:

That’s insane!


You think this requirement will hurt bots either? By the end of the week all the bots will have an updated script that hones to 1375. It is a mere speedbump.

It’s likely we see a new FOMO bundle which includes gold / blue crystals this week. It is the most sensible explanation for such a short-term, laughable solution to bots.

WTF! You cant be serious. I hope @Roxx gets atleast 100k base and 100k bonus because this looks like easy money for AGS lol.



Appreciate the feedback @ppht going to pass this on to the team.

This is simply not true. This game is designed to have certain amount of gold at certain progress with certain amount of player. Right now looking at blue crystal price, it is obvious that the amount of gold available is wayyyyyy mush more than reasonable. If you have spent enough time in this game, you will see how f2p players are behind on overall roster progress due to the quick content releasing pace.
Price will rise, but not at this stage of the game. This is pure inflation due to bots that are out of control. It IS AGS fault for being extremely incompetent.