This game has so much potential, tho it def needs purpose. List 10 improvements you want

A patch that offers better clarification on how things work, fixes typos, and modifies text in dailies and other sections where it is often cut off.

Make all Cosmetics account wide, not this server locked nonsense.

Have appearances get ‘added’ to a wardrobe function similar to WoW so you can choose your appearance from gear, and not just skins. Some gear levelling up looks great, such as the Artillerist’s in Akidda (the Asian zone)… neat Old Western appearance (which is odd considering the zone :stuck_out_tongue: )

i love how people are posting stuff like this like its new world, ‘this game has so much potential’ do people realise this game has been out for 3 years? and that its not being developed by amazon whatsoever?

we are basically playing an older version of the koreans version and all the updates that happen in korea is something that will come to us as well… so we pretty much whats going to happen in regards to updates…

New publisher for European servers.


Yeah the game is 3 years old, so? Does that fact make me stay playing this game? Or make anyone stay? It doesn’t. N/A wise. Also popular korean games have been known to fail in the west & new world had high pop for the 1st month too. So just because this game has hype now, is meaningless.

They should have timegated nothing. At lvl 50 which is nearly endgame enough, for the moderate player, most are just standing around town. One of the dungeon modes is simply a loot farm of smashing mobs = too easy. I do have stuff to do, tho like I said I nearly mastered pvp on 3 classes. Should have took me 1 month, but took me 1 day to do, chars need more skills & talent trees. I like to harvest timber, but the p2w model ruins the fun of harvesting.

Hence, they should have released all 3 years of content & been working on a new expansion every 2 months for N/A version. No timegating, none. Release it all, people are already wanting more depth from this game. Even if Amazon didn’t build the game, but published it, still it’s under their name. In a gaming industry, that far exceeds sports, music, or movies as popularity. Yet Amazon the biggest company is taking a backseat to all of this? Just because they are the publisher, this time around? That’s amateur behavior. Treat the game like a real full mmo & not some mobile phone pet side project & we can get this ball rolling. Or else most quit when the next mmo comes out, that has more depth than a mobile gatcha game.

So why do I support LA? It’s a fun art style game, that I want to prolong the art of it. These are the features needed for that. Like I said the pvp is worst than guild wars 2 right now, the free player experience has no real purpose for pve’ers, the social aspects are limited, the maps are too narrow, the skills trees are too simple, & people want to MAIN a char, not just have a ton of average alts. So stop making new classes for a moment, add more skills to the classes you already have, add some gvg pvp maps where whales don’t have advantages. Then listen to the forum players on how to have fun for mmorpgs, since Blizzard failed at that.

Lost Ark is too simple. Release ALL THE CONTENT, than work on 4 new expansion + plus giving all 3 years outdated content in the next 2 weeks. I don’t understand why a korea company, that is known for having whales who dropped 30,000 dollars & the biggest business company Amazon, are timegating content & having a poor mans business model?? It doesn’t make sense. Sounds like the 2 biggest companies for greed, are limiting content, & pretending like a game that’s only 1 step above a mobile phone game, is a finished product, it’s not. Love the art style, but they need to add way more depth to this art style. Other than just narrow dungeons & npc walking quest. I listed how above.

I guess theirs no point bumping this thread, or any thread talking mainly about game related features. Until after EU gets their servers fixed & tests the game. So I’ll wait 10 days after EU tests, to talk about features.

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OK but you bumped it so here’s my list to improve the game:

  1. Smilegate should terminate their contract with AGS.

I have only one in my mind. Fix that damn servers already

What a bad moment to do this post. U americans don’t understand if u guys enjoy the game, there is always the rest 60-70% of the playerbase that can’t.

Lol EU will just spam this thread with fix server thing

  1. Add real controller support. Recognize PS controllers, add better menus, let us remap things.
  2. Get rid of the lifeskill energy. The current system basically makes you feel like you need to use x energy each day instead of gathering when you want.
  3. Total overhaul of the stronghold stuff so its less like a mobile game
  4. Proper guild sizes for a MMORPG
  5. Let us have surnames
  6. Remove genderlocking from classes
  7. Ingame hints for makoko seeds (similar to the hidden stories) so its more feasible to do without a guide
  8. Improve the cash shop economy. Less focus on P2W, more focus on cosmetics. Crystaline aura should be the extent of pay for faster progression
  9. Improve game login times. Slowest MMORPG Ive ever seen to log in too and that tacky anti cheat thing doesnt appear to actually do anything anyway because bots are still everywhere
  10. Im going to repeat 1 here. Controller support. Its 2022, FFXIV has been around for a long time now and it should be the gold standard for controller support. There is no excuse for this.

In other words, make this feel like a real, modern MMORPG and not some stuck in the past ARPG/mobile game/MMORPG hybrid. This is the first non tab target MMORPG that actually feels like it has a chance to be a good MMORPG and isnt just skating by on its combat alone, but its still got far too much mobile game in its DNA to live up tot hat potential.


just fix this first before anything else:

  1. Lag
  2. Lag
  3. Lag
  4. Lag
  5. Lag
  6. Lag
  7. Lag
  8. Lag
  9. Lag
  10. Lag


  1. Revoke founder pack contents.

See Should this be fixed in your opinion? Getting double the rewards from founders pack bug (possibly exploitable) - NOT ME

They acknowledged the issue and stopped the loophole, but the chests, skins and other stuff from the exploit haven’t been revoked.

Pheons have to go, they will annihilate the F2P playerbase

I would like to see an overhaul of the achievement system:

  1. Remove or add requirements for achievements based on NA&EU version of the game, for example the ride the wolves achievements has 2 wolves that cannot be obtained that was in first season of the Korean version that is located in Rohendel. In special dungeon and vendor by getting tokens from said dungeon.

  2. Better reward’s for the Achievements. Certain achievements give less rewards then many quests or events such as towers even single floor in tower can give 3x amount of Roster level then some rewards. With how long it takes to do some of the achievements such as using Radar 20,000 times. Or even Dueling which takes about 37 hours to get all duel achievements completed and takes the requirements of other people willingness to duel you. You would expect higher roster xp for completing all.

On same topic of better rewards. Would be nice to get mounts, toys and even skins for accomplishing groups of achievements for example a mount that can be used on island for finishing all collections igneas, island tokens, seeds, paintings, sea adventures and so on. Another example would be special boat skin for finding all crew members and doing all sea adventure and island souls. Even a pvp mount for doing both all Duel achievements and proving grounds achievements.

  1. Along with looking and overhauling the achievements, I would like to see them put in thought of how long some of the achievements take and it’s appropriate to NA&EU players, for example fishing achievements to cast 15000 times with said buff that you get after hitting level 30 fishing. The Achievement says caught fish 15000 times with buff but is successful casts. So by the way the Achievement currently works it takes around 8 months to achieve that one achievement which most players will not achieve or even want to try to attempt and makes it worthless thing in the game.

  2. The last improvement I would like to see is better Navigation in the Achievement Windows. For example being able to add achievements in a favourite folder on ones you want to work on. A possible search engine to be easier to find some achievements by typing in name of the achievement or typing in requirement/goal of the achievement and even search by rewards such as achievements that give title or cards and ect.

Next thing I would like to see improvement on is grouping on matchmaking dungeons:

  1. First I would like to see systems in place that allows veterans/ higher item level players be able to que in low level dungeons.
    The players queuing from ie classic dungeon statue gets rewards such as cards and card xp or handful of honing mats. Limited to 5 ques per character or roster. Said players who are queuing by statue has stats reduced to difficulty of the dungeon being entered. As well players who are joining by normal questing and leveling and cannot be kicked out unless afk which then gives player being accused of afk 15 seconds timer to say he is not afk. Unfortunately like currently there will be bots and not much we can do besides normal reporting. But overall this system would allow new players to play with real players and not feel like they are playing single player game on a mmo. Also if no new players are found and should have priority in que over veterans and should be 2 new players with 2 veterans but if a group cannot be found after 3 minutes then a group of all veterans are entered. This would also be a good way to farm card xp. I think it would also breath life into the older dungeons.

  2. I would like to see special una task for completing older dungeons as well. But needs to be done in matchmaking.

The other improvement I would like to see is a review on bound items:

  1. Is honing shards, guardian and destruction T1 and T2 (only) be turned into roster bound and be used for alts. For example I have over 20,000 guardian T1 stones bound and 400,000 shards bound. I wouldn’t want it trade able cause that would crash the market but I should be able to use my hard earned items for myself without it being useless and collecting dust.

  2. Items such as potions (hp over time) should be roster so new alts can use your main character left-overs.

  3. Battle potions should be reviewed to see if ones obtained through quests could be rostered.

Just to state once more NONE of these bound items should be trade able cause RMT and bots would destroy the market with these.

The final system I would like to see is pets and mounts:

  1. Pet farm leveling system for pets from epic to legendary is to easy and I would like to see relic/mythic quality added.

  2. I would like to see expansion of workout have more additional slots upto 6.

  3. I would like to see pet farm have a Ranch addition where you can do similar things to your mounts. Like raising its quality so it would have a better sprint or dash then it previously had. As well reskin functions.

  4. Reskin should be redone to changing to different forms of that version of pet instead of pets you already own. Seems silly that you would want same pet twice when it is already so easy to raise quality of all pets, that I can’t think of legitimate reasons for its use.

F2P player can get crystaline aura. I bought it with gold.

10 things.

  1. Server wide Guilds - not for 1 server. E.G MARI players can join Valtan Guilds.

  2. All disconnect Error - return players to character selection screen or server page so we can reconnect instantly to avoid losing entry to dungeon.

  3. Reduce or remove Chaos Dungeon/ Guardian raids as they are brain dead content which isn’t fun. Bunch off afk players in chaos and Guardian just feel like a chore. instead give loot to players doing weekly raid dungeon even lower level dungeon. let be honest half the players now days only do raids and log out.

  4. Better Drop rates off BIS Gear - reduce drop rate off End,DOM,EXP Stats Gear or remove them completely as they just get dismantle. This will bring in more BIS Gear and lower price down to be affordable for community.

  5. Have Best clear time and provide additional rewards - if you join a party and beat your prior clear time for any dungeon.

  6. Remove Pheon from ability stones/ Tripod gear so players don’t play RNG gamble.

  7. Make all new dungeon scale to ILVL - this increase the difficulty off the raids and make players feel better when clearing content at the highest level.

  8. More guild events - increase the social aspect off the games.

  9. have events that give 1-2 gold books every 2-3 months that tradable locked at 1415 Ilvl for example or 1st clear off legion raids to stop bots - to control the price off the market and not get to inflated.

  10. FoodBuffs 20 min - should not disappear if you die in a raid. and should last for the entire 20 minutes. Requesting this to be increased to 30 mins. SH Buffs 2hr is fine.

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Those are all good and I would like to see them come to the game

Biggest one i want is Server Transfers. They have server mergers now, when is server transfers coming? They can take my money to allow me to server transfer.

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You have an item to repair your gear too, craft it on your stronghold.