This game is a disgusting joke

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Looks like they were right.

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At least you are getting something at the end of the competitive season.

Dont be mad. Rank in LA is not whole world :slight_smile:
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Arent they Just doing p p for weekly Quest. Isnt that the actual reason to do pvp

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yeah my experience was exactly the same, decided to secure my master on friday but got matched with the same guy that was selling wins for multiple games and dropped down to diamond

A balanced game would match people within 25-100 points difference max.
Also not sure why chat isn’t completely disabled in arena, all it does is create drama/toxic behavior/griefing.

Not enough players in a given range queueing at the same time to have something so restrictive.

Minimize the chat yourself. Not everyone gets their feelings hurt by banter. If it does tilt you, just minimize the chat.

I move on myself from this game just log for guardian/chaos +valtan/biakiss pvp in this game is death lec face it and amounts of toxic ppl it killing even faster so let them be soon they will not qq sinc will be any match in pvp

This is a PvE game.

Not for all. There are ppls playing this game only for pvp. Personaly I got around 10 diferent 30 lvls class only for pvp and really enjoying this mode. I dont even touching pve content cause i am not interesting in p2w or farm 2 win. Cheers.

There lies the problem, people coming from Lol/Wow finding things acceptable so it’s ok.
Instead of 1 or 2 people minimizing chat, a better solution would be to disable it completely as it adds nothing. Personally I have area/normal disabled but it doesn’t take away what I’ve said.

Your “solution” is basically pushing things under a rug, if that’s how you tackle everything then lol.

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I see a child is responding, one that needed to turn racist to come out of his/her word.
Not only that but reading has proven to be too hard for you apparently.

Since when does one need to tell people about Shangra’s location in arena or of field bosses?
Or do you shit post so much that you lost track of which section you are in?

You the one who said you disabled all chat in all places or your unga bunga brain too smooth to remember?

I listed a non exhaustive list of reasons to use chat and you started being toxic. We see who the issue is.

Mad cause bad?

So I was correct, reading has proven to be too difficult for you and on that note thank you for re-affirming that you are indeed a child. “all” :rofl:

So reminding the 1 or 2 people, as you said, that they have options to remove the chat they are incapable of handling, is the worst alternative than removing it for EVERYONE else? This is your definition of sweeping it under the rug?


Just reading your replies in this thread I can see who the actual problem is. Don’t know what to tell you. Of course there isn’t any value in the chat for you when your first line of defense is to call someone a racist in a reply when zero racist remarks were said. It sounds like you fabricate conversations and create scenarios that don’t exist simply to get upset about them.

But again, there is a minimization option. I’m glad you’re utilizing some sort of feature to minimize your interaction with others.

I have thousands of matches across multiple regions, have multiple servers with multiple ranked characters. I’ve added people to friends lists from bsing with them in chat in pvp during matches. Heck, even communicated like a human being in between deaths to come out with a dub by reforming a strategy.

And “furthermore” I don’t need to educate myself on how being called an ape has zero racial connotation, ESPECIALLY when the person making the comment can’t see anything besides your text. Sorry that referring to a mind set is somehow racial to you.

Sooooooo yeah, I can see why you silence chat. You have an outlook on reality that’s the farthest thing from the truth and think that your experience is indicative of every experience. Just by having this conversation, I can tell you don’t have many friends. Newsflash, it’s not because of them.

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