This game is a lil weird..I love it..but a lil weird

One moment I’m this mighty knight (beserker) riding around with my ginormous sword on horseback in a pretty medieval setting. I feel like a badass…as all dudes swinging 9 foot tall swords should…THEN I make it to Anikka…and it’s all like kung-fu…still not feeling totally out of place. I mean these guys are fighting with fist and i’m still using a big ass sword. City and surrounding area still feel like they could fit in the timeframe.

Now…I get to Arthetine…and I’m woah!. Now my dude feels pretty weak as I’m running around with a big ass sword…but now these people got mechs and technology. It’s like my dude stepped through time on some beastmaster 2 portal of time type shizz. I’m loving the game don’t get me wrong…but it’s just that I’m trying to figure out what the time setting is. It’s kind of all over the place.

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Keep going, brotha. It gets better!