This game is full of bots!

I am tired of spamming whispers by bots, alot bots at chaos dungeon, the coasts, fishing spot and bots are everywhere. Bots make game slow so I ask you!

I dont care if you cant do it, no matter what and there is no excuse from your side. Why does it take too long? Why arent you fixing this issue? What exactly are you doing now? I dont even know if you care about this? Tell us, please!

I am NOT here to play with bots, I am here to play Lost Ark!


You might have missed the latest news regarding this topic:
Regarding Bots in Lost Ark - Official News / Official News - Lost Ark Forums (

And to find out more about this, simply use the search function of the forum, try searching for “bots” and you’ll find hundreds of threads like yours with discussions and info why some things can’t be done and so on.

(And yes I also do find the bots very annoying, but opening the same thread over and over and over again doesn’t help either. Better give constructive feedback in the existing threads and/or give feedback on what has already been said a couple of times by CMs)

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there was a korean lost ark article bragging about how western lost ark manages to maintain 500k+ concurrent players, saying its the biggest mmo, huge success etc.

it might have been an article directly from smilegate but im not sure about that, either way it shows that they are either unaware or welcome the inconvinience for marketing


120k real players btw, will dip below 100k soon if this continues


I’ve been having 10k queue since yesterday and didn’t bother to logged in since.


That link is 10 days old, it is new day today. I can make 1000 threads if I want so it doesnt matter. Nothing happened what I can see. The question is why?

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Because the Bot problem exists since February (got far worse in March/April) and a solution is not that easy.
Do you really think there is a solution over night?

The article explains some of the approaches, why they can’t go some other ways and why they also can’t go into detail what they might do for future releases.

Though I do not agree with everything that has been said in the article or before, do you really think the solution is so simple and that they wouldn’t have realized the problem that exists for 3+ months now?

And yes it does matter if each and everyone creates a new thread. because:

  • obviously you haven’t followed the previous discussions, otherwise you’d have known more
  • for the CMs it is much much harder to follow one discussion and maybe be able to forward something to the team and/or give some feedback instead of having to do it 100 times
  • reasonable and constructive feedback is far better than just ranting, no matter how frustrating it currently is
  • you makle it harder for other people to find some good info regarding the topic

So yes sure, go ahead, open 1000 new threads about this topic. make it even worse and show that you have no real interest in feedback or a solution. Fine. But don’t complain that you don’t get any updates.

we dont want real players we want bots playing because they dont complain


1 or 1000 threads, none is difference because bots still here. It sounds like you support bots so go ahead, it is not my way, only your own way. Dont tell me anything, only yourself because you talk to the mirror. Have a good Monday!

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If you’d simply have followed any of the existing threads, like I suggested, you’d know that I don’t support bots and in fact made several suggestions on how to counter them.

I know that you’re not interested in a meaningful/reasonable/constructive discussion and you’re simply tl:dr, but here you go anyways:

And these are not even all the examples where, amongst others, I discussed ways to fight the bot problem.

Unlike you, I have a real interest in a solution to the problem and have a conversation with others about this.

So have a good Monday too :slight_smile: but don’t just simply make accusations like “you support bots”, just because you simply didn’t use the search function and/or are also not interested in the complexity of the problem.

Oh and btw: of course I think it is kinda appalling, that since early March nothing seems to have changed and no matter what AGS/Smilegate does, the situation doesn’t really get better.
That’s why I’m making suggestions and try to give constructive feedback.

No one cares about you or your botthread. You are nothing special so why ro you think u deserve your own thread regarding a theme we have 500 times a day?

I didnt ask for your opinion, only yourself. I am here to tell to them about bots. I didnt ask for deserve anything either.

Thank you. You are the first to do that. /s

I care.


Abusive market (Pheon among other things) + bots are killing the game…

LoL! 380k is about AGS/SGS paying servers for bots :man_facepalming:

Congratulations :partying_face: engineers :v::man_facepalming:

I care


If the solution revealed that over half of the playerbase is bots, do you think they would still just go through with a fix. I’m not saying the bot issue is easy to solve.

I am suggesting a company that posts something like below would think twice before implementing a fix that cuts their player base in more than half.

"Thanks to this update, Lost Arc is solidifying its position as the global No.1 MMORPG by reclaiming the No. Although it has been three months since its release, it has maintained an average of 500,000 concurrent users per day, giving a green light to its long-term success. "

Everybody knows that there are not 500,000+ real players (including sg/ags) but they still released a press statement trying to show how successful the release has been by pointing to numbers we all know are heavily skewed due to bots.


Actually it is, but AGS/SGS think it will hurt the game in Western due cultural aspects.

Bullshit, we want a fair and safer place to play. I would give my infos to them if I desire to play the game…I can’t see why my infos for such access is sooooo important… I mean, I already connect my Amazon/Twitch/Steam Account… They know everything important about me.

It’s just a excuse that remains allowing bots…


I actually agree with you that there are easy solutions that will help (NOT SOLVE) the bot issue that haven’t been implemented yet. I think one in game GM could easily ban 100+ bots in 5-10 minutes if they just waited next to an early level NPC.

This won’t solve the issue but the current automated efforts/ removal of gold/ vpn have only hurt real players while bots continue to thrive.

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