This Game is Grindy as Heck

And I absolutely love it. It’s been a long long long time since I’ve had a real truly grindy game to play.

I’m not just talking about honing rates, I’m talking about all the other stuff in the game to augment player power like cards, collectibles, side-quests, skill points, tower etc.

Nice to have a game that provides a sense of adventure beyond “Zomg must Get Max NOW” (despite the amount of duplicative doom-posts about honing etc). For example, I have a friend whose key focus in game is getting a perfectly built Astray. He’s been doing sailing events non-stop so as to purchase the entire relic crew, doing the dailies etc while simultaneously pushing up through T3.

Play at your own pace, enjoy alts, explore the world, practice mechanics and trust me you will have a lot of fun. Well more fun than fixating on ZOMG I cant do Argos yesterday but Warren Buffet can because he swiped!

TLDR: Enjoy the grind, go get dem skill points, Astray, mokokos or whatever else the heck you want to go do and stop focusing on others.

“Envy keeps your pockets empty so just focus on you, if you’re broke and clowning a millionaire the joke is on you” - J. Cole.


the title is a bit confusing but i like your basic statement.
I see it exactly the same, just because you do not have everything immediately I like the game!

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Yeah. It’s unfortunate because they have a great uplifting message but no one will read it coz it’s clickbait.

What would be a better title?

There is more than one path to play and that is what makes it fun. Not every player is on the same path or trying to achieve the same things in game. I think that’s why it draws such a wide variety of players. Some want to rush to endgame & just raid and they think everyone else should play that way too. If more players understand this is a wide branching game with multiple playstyles we’d all get along better.

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The Grind in Lost Ark: Why I Enjoy It

Agree. I love playing multiple styles and characters and I’m over 500h in with 9 alts and there’s still so much to do. Amazoing

100% agree with everything in your post.

The thing is me playing different than say you, Snickers, does not detrimentally impact our gameplay personally and that’s what I wish people would wrap their head around.

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Move to RU server it much easy and fun to play

Did you read my post or did you just respond to the title?

TLDR just respond


Friends interested in trying LA: Describe it in a couple words.
Me: “Enjoyable Grinding.”

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100% this.

I don’t remember the last time you had so much to do that wasn’t just rush to end-game, clear raids, quit, play other game.

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So now it trying rush to end-game but MUST grind grind grind grind as result - quit and play another game :slight_smile: