This game is maintnence simulator

it seems it is time to quit after 2000 hours 4 days in a row i alredy have 40 rest bouns on all my char cant even play the game , immagine been a billionaire company and cant be able to recruit someone who can actually run the fcking game


I guess we won’t miss a person named like that though :joy::joy::joy:


Oh no, no playtime ? man get some fresh air … jeez

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yea ofc if u are whale u dont have a pb having 20 hours maintenance in 4 days u can just log in for 5 min and u will have what i have after 2000 hours of playtime

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Lol ok i aint no whale but ok i only have 3 chars my dude and around 700hours ^^ im just not fomoing haha

I have 2300 hours and used only 660 euros since launch in february 12 , more than HALF of those 660 are for costumes that i wear.

These people that freak out over some downtime in a game :laughing: :rofl: :joy:.




660€ since launch is not a lot, if you earn good.

This community is complain/crying simulator


so the 3 hours of maintenance is the only time you get to play the game?

also 40 rest bonus is only 2 days of not doing stuff as it’s 10 per thing, so 20 per day

its a shitton

660 euro is nothing tbh.
but what one things is nothing could be considerable to others it’s personal view

stop trying to shift this towards the financial habit
its his prioritizing which is not normal

Maybe for you it’s a shitton.

how am i trying to shift it toward anything? I’m stating that the value is subjective and personal view.
If you earn 5000 euro a month 110 euro per month spend on pixels isn’t a lot
if you earn 500 euro a month 110 euro per month is a shitton

You and I have zero right to comment on how anyone else chooses to spend their money.
If they want to buy pixels great
if they want to buy hookers that’s great too
if they want to shove it up their nose in the form of a powdered substance why is that your problem?

cut the bullshit
stop normalizing saying “only” for 660 euros spent on a video game

660 over 6 months is nothing, just because it’s something to you doesn’t mean it’s something to me.
If you spend 2000 euro on strippers in a night that’s a far bigger investment for a far shorter amount of time

Pretty much this. If you aren’t spending money on hobbies that you enjoy, then you simply aren’t enjoying your life.

I recently spent more than $1000 on a Hawaii trip. Am I wasting money and don’t have my priorities straight? No, I am simply enjoying life.

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The maintenance everyday just make whale spend less money. Why would you spend money on a game that often be offline?