This game is not friendly to Chinese players. Chinese players, pay attention to iterror[W0x5-0PELPWP1N2NT]

Due to an error every time I try to connect to the server, w05x-opelpwp1n2nt pops up immediately or closes my game after I select a character and then when I click OK or close the error message.I have tested the files with steam and restarted my computer and router.

This is my computer configuration

Today, normal game playing was blocked by Amazon’s w05x-opelpwp1n2nt ban, and then appealed. Give me a very formulaic reply. I can only say that this game doesn’t seem to be very good for China. Games that cost a lot of time and money are banned from VPN because Suo Guofu does not support it. I can only say (辅助冲烂它,然后卸载) crappy game.
Wait 24 hours and watch the warning given by steam. By the way, I have hundreds of games in steam because of your junk

I use Google translation, English is a little bad. Forgive me!!!
Crappy game!!!

This version isn’t available for China, so you are not supposed to play here.



I think ur region are originally banned , not even targetting groups for amazons :laughing:

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it says u r permanently banned for cheating
try to contact the cs is better than posting in forum

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When you are banned from playing games normally, contact the customer service and reply to me that you violate the use of VPN, so I just want to remind our Chinese players not to invest time and money in the game!!

As you shouldn’t invest money into game that isn’t available in your country.


That would be because this is the na/eu release. Cn isnt included.

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This game is not open to you in the first place. China is not a login area. If you cheat and play secretly, you still have the face to post. Go back to the circle.

It said you are banned due to Cheating tho in your first image.

this is how publishing works, it’s not licensed to be available in your country and using a vpn to circumvent that is against tos, you can blame the botters for the enforcement of that but it was always against tos.

if i were you i’d try contacting smilegate for feedback and letting them know you’d like a release of the game available for china and taiwan. there’s not much else to do about it unfortunately.

VPN is not allowed now, and CMs already mentioned you could get banned for use VPN. so this is the consequence.

It’s not as easy as you may think. China doesnt let any games company enter its market

Yep, true. LA would need a dedicated china server as well, since china has a firewall and you can only use a VPN, which isn’t legal either. Taiwan is a different story, they would probably have to connect to japanese servers if anything, or OCE if there ever is one.

When Chinese gold farmers try to appeal bans through official forums… I might have seen it all at this point xD



This is Ed from Amazon Games. I just wanted to inform you that I do not see any kind of penalty or ban issued under this account in our system, so you should be able to log in without issues. With that in mind, we appreciate your interest in playing Lost Ark but it is available only in specific regions at present, where VPN use is not permitted.

For more information about the Lost Ark supported areas, please check this website: ![](file:///C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Tencent\QQTempSys%W@GJ$ACOF(TYDYECOKVDYB.png)
We’re always looking at different digital distribution options, but we are currently focused on the PC/Mac launch on the specified regions. Make sure to follow the Lost Ark Social Media channels and ![](file:///C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Tencent\QQTempSys%W@GJ$ACOF(TYDYECOKVDYB.png) for any information as it becomes available.

Bear in mind the resent update disabled any and all VPN connections and will only accept incoming connections (with no VPN or proxy redirects) from the supported areas listed in the link above.

Thanks for your interest in Lost Ark!

Best regards,
Edwin V.
Amazon Game Studios

This is the second time to reply to my message. I feel very helpless. Is this the way to deal with things abroad? I’ve seen it!!!

i’m aware of this, never said anything about it being easy.
just it’s about the only option they have other than taking it up with their government which i’m not sure is a good idea to suggest.

China not #1 is why…

Read up on the history between the two…