This game is not pay to win... this game is pay absurd ammount of money to keep playing

first of all, i have played the most blatant pay to win games, like eevee online, albion online, neverwinter, BDO, among others, and let me tell you, this game have is probaly the worst.

In playablity is a great game, the story is descent, you have interesting classess, great bosses, great ski… (nvm this is the west that would be mysoginistic remember, thats off the list from us), among really great featuresa that i really love, the map creating is honestly really good, and you have some memorable NPC (like sasha or black fang, i shall not elaborate cuz you know mysoginistic is not supported in the west version), apart from that it has a huge issue, so you would ask:

“If this game have such a big issue, why is growing in another places” - timmy, likes mmos

well to reduce, this game is a big ass casino with no actuall money return to the players of any kind, and instead of selling you a loot box to get a nice skin like in csgo or another casino like game on which such mechanics are in most of the times optional, in here the mechanics are tie to the progression, and this is not new for a korean game, games like BDO have similar systems in place, the diference is this game does such a good game delivering the content, that you forget that you are betting stuff to progress.

now whats even worst is the publisher, Im not going to call AGS greedy, but inexperience, they did not delivered the T3 properly, so people is having an easy tim realising the wrong doings of this game, and is going to be hard to erase even if they deliver the missing content that is used in korea to progress a bit more, cuz really is not a big advantage, is basically cope.

now how is a cassino, just check the mechanics of the ability stone, any person with an average knowledge on mat will know that those rates are not real, neither are the honning rates, and people defending this is usually people that like the fact that you are gabling away your hard eran resources (most times buougth by real money), and some of them have admited that they geat really happy whent they get a succcess.

what is my recomendation, if you want to keep playing the game, by all means, ill keep playing this game aswell cuz as i mention at the beggining i have played a lopt of similar games before, but i want this to be a cautionary tale so you dont waste an ammount of money that you could regret.


So true, the amount i have to spend on this game is crazy. I would rather spend it on skins but I’m spending it on maintenance things

Well we could also act like grown ups and spent money on something we want to.
Didn’t feel like I got pressured into spending anything.

Albion pay to win ? lmao really cant take you seriosly by saying that.

Albion is 1 of the most friendly F2P game out there you get your premium just by playing ive been playing it since beta and have a guild with over 220 people and some people even had luck and had there premium since day 1 or 2 .

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then you never saw the cartel wars and the ammount of money that BO and BA got in the game

This reads like the greatest of shitposts, coming from a player of Elzowin.

How are the mechanics tied to progression? Are you saying my gear score allows me personally to play better? Or are you referring to the fact that you are gated from entering fight that will instantly kill you?

Next don’t look at success rate. Instead look at how many rolls do you need to hit pity. That is the true cost of the upgrade. Then if you don’t hit pity you succeeded well before you should have. This was the bases of Lineage II when it was first released, and in that game, failure meant the loss of your item if you failed without the enhancement materials. This was, is and will likely forever be the case in Korea as they do not want to be spoon fed the end game. They want to work towards it. If not? They play WoW, Rift, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and others that spoonfeed you so that you feel as though you are progressing.

Yes, T3 was not released properly, you have a point, there is a large gap between 1340 and 1370 in which nothing changes.

How are the rates not real? Because you rolled 3 stones and it went poorly? 10? 20? Welcome to the joys of randomness. Unfortunately, something saying that you have a 75% success rate means that over tens of thousands of rolls you will succeed 75% of them. Further all the people posting images of them getting the 50 fails in T1 or T2, who’s to say they haven’t level 6 characters to level 50 and honed them all to +11 or +12 etc? They gave you a screenshot and none of the subsequent data. Do those people exist? Absolutely. Do I believe everyone who is posting that is being honest? Not even the slightest.

I will indeed keep playing this game, having made it to 1340 gearscore, free-to-play in 2 weeks, off of one character. Did you know you can get roughly 60-70 hones worth of resources FOR FREE off the islands in this game, for T1 and T2? And now with the addition of Illusion Bamboo and Isteri, you can get about 20 hones for T3? The progress from T1->T3, is generally held back, either by severe unluckiness on the players part, to which, ouch, or by a lack of comprehension on what you can obtain if you look for the information.

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It’s high up there but there’s a few reasons that don’t make it the worst.

  1. It’s F2P friendly and there isn’t anything incredibly important walled behind the pay-only premium currency ($$ or royals).
  2. Most of the PvP is not P2W and usually the worst P2W games abuse PvP power.
  3. Time can get anything in the game and you can trade basically everything. Money cannot get everything in the game. The worst P2W games prevent most or all trade and then wall stuff behind premium currency/status.

Gonna be real with you here, if it wasn’t a casino you’d be here complaining about the grindy nature of the game and the repetitiveness being boring.

  • Chaos isn’t as boring because cubes could drop, boss rush could drop, gold portal could drop and red portal could drop.
  • Cubes would be boring if it gave you a portion of the treasure or if the rooms were not random. Multiple treasure rooms for example can be ridiculous.
  • If honing were not RNG, you would be complaining about the materials and how long it takes to get them. As BS as the system is, when it finally gives you the success…it feels good. No matter how bullshit it is. This is why honing success feels good at a lower % but pity honing success feels terrible in every way.
  • Note how upgrading gems are completely boring because they are 100%.

Yes, they are inexperienced…they are very idealistic, politically extremist and dogmatic. STILL they don’t hate us, they want to succeed. For them to succeed, we have to enjoy the content. This is what will drive them to eventually give us what we want. Either that or the game crashes and burns and the only people wanting that are malice filled WoW players.

It’s fun watching all the fanboys try and justify the p2w. First it “wasn’t p2w” then it’s “pay for convenience” then it became “pvp isn’t p2w” and now they’re justifying it by saying “you don’t have to spend money. It’s just for the people that want to be in the top 1%”


lol so true

I reached 1340 about 2 weeks ago on my main. I haven’t even attempted a hone on that character since. I’ve been stacking mats and making bank on the AH selling to people like you that think they need to rush to 1370. However most of my time has been spent leveling and gearing alts. I’m really enjoying playing other classes too and I’m happy that I decided go this route. Gearing characters after your first one goes much faster if you have the honing cost decrease from stronghold. Overall I’m having a blast experiencing different play styles and not having to stress about sprinting to Argos


People who don’t understand simple statistics please stop talking about ability stone and honing chances thanks.


i played bdo for 3 or 4 years and i can definetely say this game is way more predatory than bdo.

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I watch ton of KR lost ark vet streamers. They all spent at least $2k at some point. F2p people definitely won’t last long in this game, but if they are not someone who into raid. This game will be fun for them, but for the rest of us who like doing killing raid boss as F2P. It would be really difficult to pass the paywall without paying. The amount of time grinding alt and doing daily is almost like a job for f2p players. It would be better just go to work and swipe than grind.

The weird part is everyone seems to feel that game is pushing them to rush to Argos.

I still don’t understand why people blame game for self-imposed deadlines.

It is like complain having level 50 content is predatory because you are stuck at level 49 and needs 2 more weeks to get to 50. And that is what we are talking about here, 1 month to go from 1340-1370 is very reasonable projection for most players.

Will every player get to 1370? Absolutely. No one debates this. Because of pity system this is fact. some might take less time, other take more time, but there is a factual end.

Whether it is too fast or too slow is the crux of the issue - yet has it mutated to this “well so and so and so did it, so the game is forcing me to do it.” That is just silly.

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So many thread about this and you still don’t understand the problem. The process from 1350-1370 is a lot different than t1-t3. It is way harder and time demanding. There isn’t island, the only thing you could do every single day is run 2 chaos dugeon, 2 guardian raid, go dig, and log off or go to alt to went through the entire t1-t3 process again over and over, but this time it is little bit extra harder because no more island mats. And then Argos provided a huge income boost for people at 1370, you can use this income prepare for valtan. If you are stay in 1340, you would know price for the mats are tanking hard. Once everyone reach 1370 you won’t make as much as people who reach argos early, because now the price is tanking, and gear for valtan went up. People who get there early now have massive amount of gold for the push, while people who stay at 1340 and refuse to push will get gate again.

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The problem is just lack of materials and ways to get them. I still think they should have fixe the death path to 1370 but whatever. I’ll get there eventually.

I am not paying shit except for skins and having incredible fun so idk what you talking about. I see 1370 doing less dmg than I do with shitty engravings or even lvl 3 grudge because all they do is getting knocked down by boss attacks. lower roster level. 0 collectibles. I love outdamaging high ilvl players that are just dogshit at the game and all they know how to do is enter their credit card numbers. from my experience, most people complaining can’t even kill igrexion without drinking pots like water.
And casino? lmao every mat you spend will increase your chance and eventually you will progress. How is that casino? Just play. Go collect collectibles. If you don’t like low chance, just wait until they release catch-up mechanics, which will come with 1st or 2nd legion raids. Don’t try to compete with the whales. They exist in any games, fairly or unfairly.

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I see what u mean, I spent money because I like the game. Not because I felt like I needed to.

The rng and casino is just part of the game, which I personally like. (Yes i’m a degenerate that likes %’s that are putrid)

im an enginier i worked with complex math, is a fact that the rates are not true, i dont care anyway, This is how the avg corean game works.

Yeah nope lol