This game needs some UI rework. Apply preset options

So we have few great UI options in our menu.

  1. Aspect ratio 21:9
    As most people on this planet still have 16:9 aspect ratio monitors and this game was designed favouring ultra-wide 21:9 aspect ratio we have option to Force 21:9 to see more of area around us at price of shrinking everything including text. We all find 21:9 mandatory for PvP as it gives a huge advantage. I also find it mandatory for Guardian Raids especially on long range classes like Artillerist, Sorceress or Gunslinger.

Going to menus everytime I switch from other regular activities to Guardian Raids/PvP is annoying and most of the time I do it when I already do the activity when I realize I can’t see target that my skills can reach. So it feels awkward to move aside from the boss to go threw the menus safely while my teammates expect my help.

  1. Battle Effects Display
    We defienietly don’t want to see everyones skills cover boss actions and mechanics. So I usually have only support aoe buffs visible for teammates visual effects.
    But what happens when you die and you spectate to see how your teammates deal with the boss. Why I don’t see visuals of person I currently observe? Makes no sense. Same applies to PvP. In elimination match when I spectate I see only enemies attacks. For teammate that is currently fighting I just see body animation of a guy that my cam is focused on. In teamfights I might also decide I want to see how my teammates attack.
    Going to menus and switch these options everytime is time consuming and annoying.

I see two solutions.

  1. apply visual menu presets that we can toggle with a single click of keyboard button.
  2. Apply visual presets for activities like pvp, raids etc. same way equipment presets were applied during last patch.

On top of that I don’t see any reason visuals should be still disabled when you are spectating in “Observe mode”/PvP elimination.

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We only have 3 icons on a side bar.
It would not hurt to place an Icon for opening a World Map.
I know we can do that with [M] keyboard button, but still intuitively I look at this sidemap when I want to open a world map.