This game needs to be fixed for rng

You don’t worry about it. I failed 18 times in a row at 30% success soo you know for sure the honing system is true to its RNG ;)!

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Not possible, after 7 tries you should be at 100% Artisian Energy and therfore have a 100% Chance to upgrade your gear.


How about we make honing 100% but adjust the cost accordingly? So 100% chance with 5 times the cost etc.

Would u kids be happy then?:slight_smile:

But it is already like that. You get a garantueed success at 100% artisans energy.
You can view artisans energy more like a bar that you fill up with every honing attempt with a chance of saving yourself mats if you manage to get it earlier.

The problem is that players expect to always get it in 3 attempts if there is a 30% chance but that’s just not how RNG works.


Unfortunately Maplestory has made everyone suspicious of RNG in Korean P2W games.

well i know people who move on to the next gear every fail. so 18 fails can be spread out across the 6 pieces.

yup that’s true. But its also their fault then :wink:

their fault that they failed honing?

Yes, basically. Spreading upgrades out is a mistake in this case and therfore it is their fault not hitting 100% artisian energy.

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ur gana hit 100% artisan either way. just slowly

You… do realize Artisan’s Energy is item-specific, right?
And succeeding at honing one item doesn’t remove your artisan’s energy on a different item. It just resets it to 0 on that item.

That was a reply to Zeromar, since he was the one talking shit.

I didnt see this misguided comment lol! You clearly have not played the game so please don’t chime in somewhere you have no clue whats going on. In T3 on 13-15 the pitty system requires anywhere from 10-15 tries without extra chance materials. So try again with the 7 tries bullshit.