This game PVP is BS! i don't know why they don't change it

i don’t know what they want it looks like. but this PVP system is really unfair as a worrier i can’t even hit them always they attacked me my skill is interupted and canceled its gonna be on cool time what about magic skill they don’t be interrupted and even if someone canceled their skill it’s not gonna be on cool time. wtf? really?? wtf do you want??? only the fuck there is magic class are happy for the PVP system. if you wanna do pvp in game don’t play this game. it doesn’t even have PVP system but they have broken and undeveloped pvp system. i think they just gave up to make PVP system. BS! shame on you. you need to fix it.

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git gud

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Perhaps you need to watch some videos of veterans in KR doing pvp.

It sounds like you are getting baited and kited by sorcs.
By worrier im guessing you are playing a berserker, they generally are a slow motion locked class and you need to time your skills and k ow when to go in to attack unlike how you just dive into bosses in pve.

Very different play styles and if you cannot improve, you wither play pvp as a different class or you know. Git gud.


When your having trouble playing your class do you:

A) Look online for guides and advice from Pro’s playing your class.

B) Try to work out what you are doing wrong, analyse your opponents skills and work out where you are strongest.

C) Blame the world, tell yourself it’s all unfair and claim the developers should be ashamed for making a game that you cannot understand.


Bro, i get killed by good warriors all of the times as a sorc LOL


Gosh, I love this. Really funny mate, made me laugh. :wink:

Edit: Actually had a 10min crying laugh flash here.
Everytime I start reading again.
I love you bro.


You should first watch this video on CC’s and then continue onto a class specific guide after. Lost Ark PvP: CC & Resistances In-Depth Guide (Crowd Control) - YouTube

That CC guide will help immensely. Then it’s just about learning how to play your class and then learning the other classes as you go along.

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Well I had same feelings when I started pvp in this game. You need more practice thats all really do not listen any guides ( except thise about how CCs work in this game is very important knowledge). You will have to spend X hours on the grouns or in the air before u will know how to avoid it. The biggest begginer mistakes I did is chasing one guy, not checkin my cooldowns, wrong targeting and sending my skills in wrong direction, getting baited and let oponents interupt my skills. For the beggining try to do combos and run and again and again. Nobody said it will be easy pvp is hard you need more patient you just met players who played it more dont look at MMR a lot of players with big experience play on bronze rank cuz of crap system.

Insecure and/or garbage players will tell you to ‘git gud’ to vent their repressed rage at getting gaped all day. The PVP is trash. The vast majority of people know how it works. It’s not a deep game. It’s just not fun. People will tell you to learn CC and to avoid CC but the entire game revolves around CC, the most un-fun and universally despised mechanic in probably any game/mmo, at one stage or another you WILL be caught & killed in chain-cc. People here love to sniff their own farts and tell you ‘oh learn to peel’, ‘learn positioning’ etc, but it’s all superfluous, they’re not actually trying to help, they’re just trying to inflate their own ego and sway the perception of themselves to online strangers.

TL;DR: The PVP is trash & it’s dead for a reason, CC sucks in all games and this games PVP completely revolves around it.

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without CC there will be just damage trading which is not very skill based and very boring in my opinion

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It’s the same for any other fighting game though? It pretty satisfying comboing an opponent to death while they are unable to touch me. Wait until the Guild wars feature comes out. You technically could kill opponents with higher ilvl if your PvP skills are better than theirs.

Wasted time…
“I suck at pvp so it needs to be changed”


Indeed, it’s by far the worst online PvP mechanics I’ve played in the last few years.

If even after 3 years out in KR, it’s still based on player losing control of their character, aka stunlock, you know they never cared about it in the first place.

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Well for most people this PvP system it’s very unfriendly and pretty much annoying. PvP without CC is boring yes, but here the whole system is on CC and not so much on damage. When you can’t push any button for more then 3 seconds is terrible for the people and don’t expect this system to thrive. It’s a PvE game i expected nothing from PvP. I only really hate the luck of any matchmaking in ranked and normals. It’s 2022 and they don’t have basic functions.

This game has some of the most advanced pvp mechanics I’ve ever experienced in a game

You have to accept it is incredibly hard to get into as a new player
To even have a chance at winning there’s a lot of game and mechanical knowledge one has to obtain

On top of that the mechanical skill ceiling is stupid high

Aiming, timing, combos, dodges, correct cc and counter cc, ulting etc etc

Don’t be discouraged it often takes players hundreds of games before it feels natural or even close to

I’ve played a lot of game and the PvP in lost ark is one of my
Favorites even though it still makes me tilt often :joy:

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Yeah I know, I didn’t say anything to the opposite of that. I’m just stating why the PVP is garbage and dead and will never be taken seriously unless it’s drastically transformed into some sort of moba/strategy like Dota/league etc.

PVP literally dead. Enjoy bro.

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This game has some of the most advanced pvp mechanics I’ve ever experienced in a game

Sorry but what’s so advanced about it? The multi-tiered CC? The PVP is just a worse and more dumbed down Moba lol. People keep gushing about the intricacies and complexity of the game but I’m just not seeing it.

How you imagine pvp without CCs? It only works in FPS, CCs here must be u have dodge, and stand up to manage it, if u let your enemies down you 2 times in a row then you will be dead. For me PvP here is great, better PvP imo is only in Albion.

No one speak to have pvp without cc, but not the entire system to be on cc. You have different type of cc, superarmors etc. You know cc is the most disgusting thing for the majority, here you have whole cc system :). If there were only normal stuns would be better.

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