This game RNG is scripted im sure

Im 100% sure RNG is scripted, me and a friend tryied a thing, we accumulated honing material and we started honing togheter from 1350, i did like 23 more try then him, he is 1370 im 1361…i understand luck but 23 try more than him is a lot and not only i haven’t reached his same gearscore but i’m under 9 which is a huge difference, thats system is so frustating, i wasted 10 day farm more then him and now he can do 1370 abyss and i still can’t

Two-person sample size.


there is always someone who is luckier than you, deal with it


exactly, like flipping a coin twice and both heads, “is THe RaTe rEal? feEL sCaMMed”


Nothing scripted about it. Your friend has prayed to RnGeesus on the regular and you did not.


ye i got it, but luck is for example on 10 try with 15% each i got 1/10 and him 3-4/10…not 0/10 and him 8/10, thats something else, is like 15% for some people is 0.15 and for other people is 75

If it is scripted, what is the script, what was the variable that determined you got the shit stick and your friend got the golden goose?

I’m currently sitting at a 13.577331% failure rate, and still doing 1350 to 1370, you had more vertical progression than I did this week. I expect that failure rate to sky rocket the further I progress in T3, 'cause that’s how things work when things get less potential for success.

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you need to learn what a aceptable sample size is before being sure of something… you would need millions and millions of tries before being even a bit sure of anything fishy going on.

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0.000484692208% of the player base has bad RnG luck therefor the system is rigged.

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Yet another post complaining RNG, you should really try to look up what RNG is.

The only way to redemption is through believing and serving the holy spirit RNG Jesus.

Then your soul may receive salvation

If it were scripted instead of rng u should have had the same amount of trys and be the same i lvl after…

Or do u want to tell me the game is scripted so that U have a worse chance ? xD