This is a joke isn't it?

So you blocked some servers, and you didn’t block Slen for example. So now there is a queue for 9800 people waiting to get to log in to server. Is this a joke? Is this April fool something. And then there is another joke saying “Please wait a little while”!!! Is two hours a little while?

have you ever heard of New World ? same joke all over again

9800??? hahaahaha Zinnervale queues were on 15-17k at 14:00PM CET, I’ve been in queue for almost 3 hours now and its still on 10k+ so… lucky you

Yes I played new world and i stooped playing it. But i just cant understand how those companies cannot learn? they had so many examples of bad launches and they still are making same mistakes! Why you need to learn on your own mistakes and not learn from others? I wish i didn’t pay for founder pack they did not deserve it, at least not at this point! I had 3 days of normal gaming and now i need to wait for 2 hours to play (i don’t even want to talk about last night)!

Hi i have created 3 characters in Zinnervale and one in Screptum and cant play on any because the ques are bad.
Please tell which server i should play on to get this game started so i dont have to stay 8 hours in cue.
This is a joke you need to adress this asap. Or might as well stop playing this.