This is a STEAM issue

Steam time outs are a steam issue. The devs, Creg who is my buddy next door, Kenny who just died in south park, no one has control over the issue besides STEAM. So all of you snowflakes who took time off, mad at the devs, threatening refunds (I even saw on idiot say he’d sue) remember this is a launch day and this happens to every game. The devs cannot control the fact that steam went down for having high volume demand for downloads on the game.

Now, here’s a quite from the devs.

“Thank you for the reports regarding game downloads timing on Steam.
Steam is aware of it and is actively looking into the issue and we will update players as soon as we have additional information.”

So for now, put on some Lofi, stop trying to give yourself an aneurysm and relax. Maybe go outside, hug your mom upstairs. It’ll be okay.

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Looks like steam fixed the issue.

Yeah, I just started unpacking 2 min ago