This is for whatever CM decides to make an appearance

Communication sucks. Constant bot/server issues. Idk how many times I’ve heard the line “We banned a massive amount of bots” and “We have a fix in progress” and all that other random stuff. What do we need to do to get someone from SG to talk to us regularly?

Listen we know you only know what you know and don’t shoot the messenger or whatever but you’re clearly overwhelmed and understaffed or general communication around the forums wouldn’t be this horrible. (Sure it’s a holiday weekend but ever since the pheon issue, communication has be abysmal)

Plus lets face it with recent events “Trust” in AGS/SG is at an all time low. Let us talk to the people in charge and get the answers directly. Two birds 1 stone. The CM’s don’t need to stress about the forums anymore (Which were never anyone’s focus to begin with from the start) and the community that cares about what little playability there is left in this game don’t have to wait around and hope a CM reads their post and actually passes it to SG.

tl;dr Communication is dead. Bots/Bugs/Stability is not a priority. AGS either has zero control of decisions made in the game or the person at AGS making decisions (Pheons, Shadowhunter form, ETC) is out of touch with the community and it needs to change.


Words are one thing.
Actions with results are another.


Tru lets see what happens here.

Expecting AGS or Smilegate to do anything outside of releasing new FOMO bundles is hard copium.

Why would they? Whales are still swiping $99 for the current black FOMO bundle, are still swiping $60/month for cards and who knows how much for the other ridiculous FOMO offerings.

Welcome to F2P MMO. Don’t you have wallets?

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Oops, almost forgot about this post :slight_smile: I wouldn’t want the CM(s??) to miss it come Monday.

Stop spending money for the game maybe?

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Way ahead of you. spoiler: nothing happened.

Whole point of this thread is to get an actual answer from the 1 CM here on how we can contact SG or have a SG rep frequent the forums.

The answer to that question is you won’t get an SG rep here on this forum. If you want to talk to SG go create a fuss on the inven forums and convince the KR players to go to bat and bitch on behest of the western players. Obviously easier said than done considering the language barrier even with google translate or something to aid you.

For full transparency the reason you won’t get an SG rep on here is because of the contracts between SG (dev) and AGS (publisher)…it’s very clear AGS is in charge of the public face of lost ark in the west SG isn’t going to come out and slander their business partner unless they intended to dump AGS as their publisher in the west…and even if that happened culturally speaking they’d do it politely not in some dramatic way.

I completely understand that. Even while writing this post, I knew it wasnt going to amount to anything or gain any traction.

I’m not sure why I even asked tbh. I guess in a way I wanted to see if AGS cared at all about making/hosting quality games or if the entire studio is a sham at this point. New World might have been updated and “ok” for now but it took them AGES to actually listen to their community so I guess in a way this is me trying to see if it will end up being the same situation as over there.

Difference obviously is they created and published themselves and under contract AGS is the host/face of Lost Ark here but since it’s just going downhill so quickly I figured why not ask if there’s a way we can contact SG and get better information from them directly. As it is now you write a post, hope a CM accidently checks the forums AND decides to respond. From there they have to do the whole talking bit to SG and back to us if they feel like it.

Just delete the middle man. AGS can do all their normal stuff but when it comes to the forums let SG handle it. Or even just a weekly AMA from a dev at SG for 30 mins.

Game is fun but the hosting/communications are terrible. Both of which fall on AGS.

I mean they want to make money so they’ll “try” to make things better but they are not good at solving issues within their games and have been terrible about community cultivation and that likely comes from the fact the head of AGS doesn’t know what the heck they are doing in that regard. They are just all about numbers and making money think bobby over at activision blizzard only they don’t have anyone under them who gives a dooky hardly at all either.

Sadly this rings true with most of the gaming industry in the last decade. In the end “companies” are just banking off peoples dopamine levels. Sad part is it works, but in the end they are a company. Without the profits they are nothing.

I just find it hard to believe that EVERYONE at AGS is just there to punch their timecard for their 9-5. Even if that’s the case though, quite a few of those people are just failing at their job description.

Bump for visibility again :slight_smile:

I can’t wait to read about all the work they have made over the week to combat bots and non-speculative/ potential fixes for stability today!

Wouldn’t be possible that in over a week nothing will happen :slight_smile:

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