This is going nowhere

People I know you are mad but where is this going? All this negative feedback will lead to the thing you are the most scared of happening. No more Lost Ark! I know amazon games is the worst representative for this game and they have proven this multiple times. Instead of complaining on the forums the best thing u can do is stop giving them money and that s when we will see a new direction for the game we all love!!! Don t buy the leaked “battlepass” or any of the medieval skins!!! None is gonna read your post and say hey that s a good suggestion by the community let s work on pleasing them! All big companies care about numbers and if they produce no revenue they will be forced to give us what we want. Summer is close… will be waiting for u at punika with my sexy bikini and a mojito cheers love you all!!!


If this happens, back to RU client I go


i prefer nothing, honestly, do your best or dont do anything


I think your idea and the negative feedback can help together.
And by then if the game hypothetically die, it’ll be because the management of the game is bad.
We’ll see, from now on i play less, by “fear” i must say.
Fear that the game will slowly dive and don’t really survive.

Why u need to have the fear though? It s them who should be scared :slight_smile: u are the one in charge here since u have the cash

Fear is maybe a little too strong but this is because i like a lot this game.
I just want it to last long, but i must say i don’t trust amazon, smilegate for our release.
At least not for now. And don’t worry my money is safe :grin:

Well most people act crazy on these forums because of “fear”. You know when you love someone you create an image of him/her in your head that might not be true. This often leads to a toxic relationship that the person u like/love doesnt live up to the expectations of the false image you have created. You try to patch things up in the most dumb ways but in the end you realise it s time to move on or you are going to suffer forever.

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Well at least i would have seen some interesting post in this storm :+1:
But yeah it’s true, that’s why i think i’m doing the right thing by playing a lot less.
Take a step back to see if i still have pleasure to play it, or if i’m playing it because i spent time on it.

This, and the management, will tell me if i continue the journey.

that statement was more than enough

I agree with you tho, we have to move on, many promising games are expected to arrive this year

I kinda like the mobile grindy playstyle this game provides so I think I will stick with it for a while. I cant deny I hate the mobile business model on top of that though. But it is what it is as long as there are whales to hunt nothing is gonna change for those faceless businessmen that have no clue about their product.

this is what people wanted, delayed content and they go it, they gave amazon the best excuse to keep milking because the consumers dont want content to be updated to fast.

the only one to blame for this are the idiots that cry they cant do day 1 content if not we would of gotten Valtan and likely even more this month.

you can say Amazon has won :slight_smile: and the people gave them the win.

I came to the conclusion that the community has no saying or blame for what is happening!! It is all random decisions made by incompetent management. They literally have no clue what they are doing or they just dont care. Also whatever we say on these forums will receive a bot answer by someone who has no saying or doesnt know anything as well. So I dont find a reason to keep complaining my friend hope you do the same. :slight_smile:

i cant speak for other people but the thing i am actually most scare of is to put in a bunch of time investment into this game and it doesn’t change for the better in the future XD

That’s why you should maybe detach yourself a little from the game too.
I personnally don’t want to take the risk to stay because i’ve spent a lot of time but that i don’t like the game anymore.

I would almost be ready to wait the far away patch for the 1415 catch-up :laughing:
The thing is there is a possibility where they don’t give a s**** about us, it’s clear they won’t tell us that openly.
Or they are just bad at comm and management.

The thing is tho is that this whole situation is fixable. If they ditch lost ark before even attempting to better themselves, their processes and their communication then we`ll know for sure they werent cut out to be game publishers. Theres still time for things to improve. Its on them tho

Guys amazon is not our child we are their employers if they dont do their job we just fire them and hire someone new to get the job done :slight_smile: (trying different games / experiences) It s our fault for hiring someone that has not a good resume!

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It will fail even harder if people just leave instead of complaining.

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This is wrong.
People are angry because they care.
When forums are dead silent, and nobody gives a shit anymore, that’s when the game will die

As long as they have big names to promote their game to the average joe on twitch they will be fine

Well Dood, how they can know that were pissed, if nobody is saying something? Its just literally the truth that they’ve teased the contend update for today. What do we get now? 8 hours for an update wich isnt even givin us content? What r they doing this 8 hours? Drinking coffee? LMAO