This is going to end like Lineage 2 if you guys don't FIX the bot problem NOW

I mean even WoW managed bot population enough that it was “acceptable”.

What’s happening in game now in Lost Ark is beyond unacceptable levels. WTF are you guys doing over there, twiddling your thumbs?

Track the accounts that are creating enMASSE and ban.


They’ve said already that they’re looking into the issue and are working on solutions. What more do you want ?

ban bots
few minute later => bots recreates steam account
rince and repeat.

This has already been addressed. Don’t need 25 more forum posts about it.

It’s because it’s profitable. Only way to remove bots is to move all gold generation to harder content.

Just look at Wow Classic they have a bot problem too and it’s only because it’s profitable to grind open world content unlike non classic.

Well they certainly ain’t doing enough.
I really don’t want to hear their excuses.
Every MMORPG has a bot problem, WoW managed it even when they had a population higher than Lost Ark, so Lost Ark need to get their SHIT TOGETHER and manage it.

I agree they need to remove all significant gold generation outside of hard content like WoW.

Raport, weekly UNA, and quests giving gold out like candy is dumb and makes it very profitable for bots. If Wow had these they’d be swarming with bots.