😱 This is how players are rewarded for fairplay!



Me and 2 friends joins a normal TDM.

Their 3’rd mate is afk. We decide to let our BARD to sit for fair play.

This is how the game system rewarded our member for fair play.

This post is not to flame AGS but to make awareness that AFK penalty should apply on character not moving at all, and not based on score 0.

This system will push furthermore for more toxic games that nobody desires and wants to have.

We tried to balance the handicap they had. We got punished. Many don’t know this, is fair to make awareness.


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Don’t get me wrong, it was nice thing to do but it technically is being afk no?

I could have used your method to just run around and grief my teammates.

Lesson learned but making a post about this is a bit dramatic.

Just do enough damage, then you can spectate or you can swap with each other. I do not know how much but just some hits should be enough. I was thinking that in 1 v 3 could be some situations that you struggle to get shots on your opponent or he she dominates too much. Can you get accidently punished?
Happend to me, when i just unequipped weapon for science. Struggled to land shots and even if did it was nothing.
I think it is a good method for afk punishment, it has its own flaws. Not ideal. But it my work well with punishment for lacking useful activity and then with actual afk punishment.

fair play in pvp lmao, youre a weird guy. Clap the s*** out of them and enjoy a free win and tokens

Your teammate was afk hence the system punished him for being afk

You seem like nice guys but the system doesn’t have feelings or context so if some object doesn’t do anything in a match it will detect it as inactivity and punish it.

Never do this again is just one meaningless match both teams will forget