This is how the other classes feel now


Don’t worry, we will get our main/favorite class soon.


Atleast we got a roadmap. :sob:


how many dd mage classes did we got? yes one

I have to hand it to AGS, they really did a great roadmap. Not cuz the roadmap is actually good.
This roadmap will please everyone who wants to play lancemaster and they will say the roadmap is great and since thats like 60% of playerbase, it works in AGS’s hands.
If it was any other class that was getting released this roadmap would be bombarded by everyone and huge amounts of people would quit, but because it was lancemaster it’ll get praised even tho AGS lied about releasing classes at a faster pace.
Its actually quite sad.

It is so sad that we didn’t get another Mage Class.

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as a destroyer main, that roadmap is a release, I will just afk until it comes out in May :grimacing:


Well at least now I know I can take at least a 2 month break barring some miracle change

Its so lame. We need to riot so they add another mage class

soon being october for one of them… yay

korean get aeromancer during summer so can expect august… there will be 2 more missing class for us … without considering aeromancer…
While class are not content, doesn’t impact time spend in the game (more class than the 12 character slot avaible)

we totally get lied and have to wait…

literally me