This is how you announce a HYPER EXPRESS event, you gotta learn AGS

I hope you guys someday do something like this like the SUPERIOR version kr server (superior cuz of the AMAZING communication not like our version.)


Woah woah woah, that is some serious accusation. You donโ€™t wanna go there buddy.

Just facts bro


Theyโ€™ve just started getting hang of the trailers. Maybe after 10 more major events, theyโ€™ll be able to do something like this

This trailer is corny asf and nobody wants a 10 minute video anyways.

KR version of the game is inferior anyways, and they only have good communication because Smilegate only cares about Korea.

  1. Talk to a wall.
  2. Talk to AGs.
  3. Find the difference.

Save yourself the time and effort, and focus your energy on something worthwhile.

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They already said that they will not be making large marketing campaigns till the current bot issue is under control.

I was pretty upset when they provided very little info about express events and let people figure out themselves for things like switching event characters.
Just mention it in your patch note!!

This is advertisement done right:

Why canโ€™t we have those nice websites, AGS? Even RU does it every time. The lack of care for global version is appalling.

you get more sense out of a wall


Better than AGS literally anything is better lmao

a 10m adv
most in NA wouldnt make is pass 2m

seriously ppl

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This is also true lol

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