This is Infuriating, I Get it, but there has to be a better way

I’d like to preface this by thanking the support member that took the time to answer all of my questions. I have no ill-will towards them since theyre just doing the best they can while following protocol… but the protocol itself is frustrating. Below is a long exchange I had with support trying to figure out a way for me to help my friend gear their artist for hard brel when it comes out.

TLDR: It’s frustrating being told that there is an unknown amount of unknown things that may or may not get you banned unknowingly and I also cannot inquire or be informed about these things in a clear way. I’m aware of why things are the way they are and honestly don’t blame the devs/cms/whoevers in charge of this for this, but there has to be a better way than telling people “we can’t tell you whatll get you banned” "But things may or may not get you banned, I wont tell you what, just try it and find out.


The sad truth is SG/AGS have the power to ban you from Lost Ark for whatever reason, or even lack of reason they might want.

You do not own any rights to be allowed to play Lost Ark, your character is not owned by you, you are simply rented space.

Lost Ark is unique in that most interactions with players, especially related to transfer of wealth carries at least some risk, where it shouldn’t. Likely this is largely inflated by the “War on Bots/G2G”.

Look on the brightside, take this as your escape from the nightmare that is being trapped in this games web.

Man it’s just a game.

There are other way more serious things to be trapped on, if people cant even escape a game then idk, they need to do some serious personal reality check.


I mean yea for sure, the depth at which I’m invested in this situation is only to the extent that playing with my friend (which I’m able to set up through the game’s own means) is potentially risky from an “unknown” force lol. Its just a bit frustrating where some of the preventative measures have lead.


There are millions of people playing all sorts of online games that they cannot detach from, much to the detriment of their own personal health. They will play that game for unhealthy amounts, ignore responsibilities around them, lose relationships, friendships and careers over it.

That isn’t a new thing, to them it’s more than just a game. Or they are so sunk cost into it now even if they wanted to quit they don’t.

This isn’t specific to Lost Ark, this is it’s own breed of addiction that comes with online gaming as a whole.


Your posts looked a bit moe “specific” that’s why i made this comment. Overall i agree with you.

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“2 million gold is considered too much to transfer to another account unless the other account is also yours” What…??? Didn’t Amazon state that owning 2 different accounts and transferring the gold to the other one is against the rules due to unfair advantage? This support agent is completely clueless


Idk maybe you’re just smarter than me. To me I don’t know how much is an acceptable amount. Like if i give 20000 gold a day that would take 100 days… If i give 200k everyday for 2 weeks would that look suspicious? I have no idea. Maybe you know, but I don’t so I’m asking. I’m also confused on why it would annoy you that I’m trying to “cover my ass” from something that is within the means of the game and shouldn’t be shady in the first place. Idk again I’m not smart, but I don’t know these things so I’ll ask where it seems like it’d make sense to ask to me

The truth is if you farmed that gold legit yourself there should be not limit on what you want to do with it. Even if a large amount of gold sets off a red flag, they should be able to review both accounts, see no unusual activity and move on.

What that support agent is really saying is “We do not do a very good job of verifying these sorts of transactions and it’s likely you or your friend will get a false ban from it” as a general warning.

2 Million gold is about the same thing as sending your friend 2-3 Lv10 Gems. It’s not that astronomical an amount considering many of us can farm or buy/sell 100-500k gold in a week.

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DId you expect them to give you a specific amount so you’d know what the system would consider to be an acceptable amount? That sounds like it is something the RMT sellers would be very happy to know/have confirmed.

I’m aware of that, like I said, I completely understand why they gave the answers that they did. On my end I’m just asking whatever I can think of to figure out a way to help a friend while they maintain their protocol. I myself can’t think of a solution that would work so I don’t fault them for not being able to. My main point in this post, maybe its been lost, was possibly for people to discuss some maybe possible solutions where people can do things like this while not sacrificing their protocol in rmt prevention

If there was, the RMT’ers would have been all over it long ago :man_shrugging:

I mean my assumption was rmters gold primarily comes from trackable invalid sources in the same way we’ve slowly been banning bots. So I was hoping there was something, some sort of info or pattern or anything they could look into from me that would validate it like:
-my gold being legitimately farmed
-the person traded with has been on my fl since launch

  • we do all our lost ark activities in the same party
    -I have 0 history of trading any large amounts of gold

things like that, again, I’m not smart so I don’t know how feasible any of those are, but at the end of the day I also don’t want to be like “oh well can’t help my friend I guess” so I’m just throwing ideas there that I can think of. If they don’t work for whatever reason, I understand it probably conflicts with some type of rmt prevention protocol .

This is the problem. You trade X amount of gold and if AGS thinks that its unusual then they will just perma ban you and you will have 0 chance to appeal. It doesnt matter that you got that gold by busing.

AGS the worst company I have ever seen.

I would say… just send it, but perhaps do it a few hundred k a time. Assuming you are confident that it is “clean” gold and you’ve earned it yourself.

Considering how many have left this game vs the number of times we see threads on this forum about someone claiming to have been banned for sending their mate everything they own, I’d guess you are unlikely to have any issues at all.

I can only remember one such thread and with thousands upon thousands of people leaving, many of them presumably leaving stuff behind for their friends/guildmates, I’d guess you’d be just fine.

If it was a small risk for me I wouldn’t mind. But I asked about which acc would be affected in the case of a ban, and the support said “Mostly your friend’s because it is the account receiving the amount.” I’m not willing to risk my friend’s account. I’d be down to risk my own if the chance was small, but not my friend’s

We could summon @Lashety and hear from them, they made a similar thread back in October and they’re still around so I assume their transaction was fine.

yea thats good to see. Although I guess my concern would be that, in cases like those where the amount is like 100k, that seems to be a “small” amount and I remember seeing CM’s also say stuff like “if you’re gold is legit and you trade youll be fine.” However my 2mill seemed to send a different message and also if I were to split it, because of the uncertainty of terms, it could make no difference if they also see receiving 200k 10 times over the course of 10 days as suspicious. I understand why they can’t explain that, but I just don’t really know how to work around that.

No RMT’er in their right mind would find a 10 day “payment plan” acceptable tho