This is Infuriating, I Get it, but there has to be a better way

I would say… just send it, but perhaps do it a few hundred k a time. Assuming you are confident that it is “clean” gold and you’ve earned it yourself.

Considering how many have left this game vs the number of times we see threads on this forum about someone claiming to have been banned for sending their mate everything they own, I’d guess you are unlikely to have any issues at all.

I can only remember one such thread and with thousands upon thousands of people leaving, many of them presumably leaving stuff behind for their friends/guildmates, I’d guess you’d be just fine.

If it was a small risk for me I wouldn’t mind. But I asked about which acc would be affected in the case of a ban, and the support said “Mostly your friend’s because it is the account receiving the amount.” I’m not willing to risk my friend’s account. I’d be down to risk my own if the chance was small, but not my friend’s

We could summon @Lashety and hear from them, they made a similar thread back in October and they’re still around so I assume their transaction was fine.

yea thats good to see. Although I guess my concern would be that, in cases like those where the amount is like 100k, that seems to be a “small” amount and I remember seeing CM’s also say stuff like “if you’re gold is legit and you trade youll be fine.” However my 2mill seemed to send a different message and also if I were to split it, because of the uncertainty of terms, it could make no difference if they also see receiving 200k 10 times over the course of 10 days as suspicious. I understand why they can’t explain that, but I just don’t really know how to work around that.

No RMT’er in their right mind would find a 10 day “payment plan” acceptable tho

also, this one might be worth taking a loot at: Falsely banned - EUC Beatrice server - #5 by Daedra regarding ingame trade vs sending gold by mail (last paragraph)

Hey, since my old thread got tagged in this by Dmg and I read the whole OPs discussion with the live chat person, id just advice you to not loan the gold, because in my opinion their policy regarding trading, helping your friends or however you want to call is absurd and dangerous for both players who are involved in it.

At this point I wanted to help few of my friends to get a bit higher on ilevel and have them buy some skins just so they would have a bit nicer experience in Lost Ark. I am pretty much playing just one character without desire to push alts higher than hard Valtan and I generate more resources than I need. Its sad to me that I couldnt help them without undergoing risk myself and putting them at risk of being banned.

Also one of my close friends quitted the game in summer and wanted to give me his gold and resources, which I declined, because “may or may not get banned”… Well, no thank you.

Wouldn´t recommend this game to anyone, this absurd unclear ban policy being one of the reasons.


If you are in the same guild and you are a GM what I would do is add that gold to the guild funds and distribute it for let’s say 2 other people and your friend as such: your friend gets 1.7m gold, another person gets 200k gold and a third person gets 100k gold.

That way you can at least appeal and say something like you had an internal competition with those prizes. Or maybe distribute 2k gold for everyone and your friend gets 2 mill and say something like you mistyped the amount if your friend gets a ban. Probably not very helpful but I can’t think of anything better. Maybe buy gems and just trade the gems.

I agree it’s frustrating – but when companies explain their current ‘red flags’ to end users, eventually it trickles out and people use the thresholds to disguise external RMT.

Any company.

Thresholds change over time in response to what the bad actors do. The statistics for what ‘normal users’ send by mail is probably hovering around 2k gold or less – principally for bus rides.

I don’t work for AGS, and this is my low-value opinion on the amounts: Millions of anything is ‘suspicious’ and several tens of thousands is highly irregular even among friends. I legit expect any transactions which total up to a few tens of k in a relatively short time will get flagged for review.

Best way to help your friend is to run content with them. Make sure their other characters on the roster can earn. Maybe send a few engraving books their way.

maybe buy the mats for him?

also 2 mil gold is alot lol…

This i get, my current frustration mainly lies in the inability for me to provide info in order to validate a legitimate transaction that is within the means of the game and tos. I get that they cant give me answers on many questions i asked but the currently confusing part is that they cant look into things like
-trading with a friend thats been added since launch
-0 large transactions prior
-A roster that is well geared and does legion raids
I feel like with enough digging thered maybe be enough to prove it makes 0 sense to see this as rmt and if a legitimate transaction like this is suspicious, i get that an automated system needs to be in place to regulate it but it would also make sense for people to be able to preemptively go to support to ask for assistance in facilitating the trade.

Unfortunately brel hard ilvl on average is about 3.1mill with NAW market price so in the grand scheme of things the 2 mill is not that much. The other unfortunate thing one of the biggest bulk of cost on that 3.1mill aside from leaps is the flat gold

Just make another character and play alongside… The game is about building a roster, not having one main. I’m sure your friend will still play his alts that are at your ilvl.

even the 3 day payment plan is a hard stop for me. trading royals for gold went to the very bottom of the list the moment that was implemented. l’d rather actual rmt and get my gold on the spot

lol ppl transfer gold since argos era , ppl nowaday own atleast 10 account to buy bus and funnel gold , ive been report on CS and nothing happen to them , so i just stop

How about giving him Level 10 Gems through mail?

If you are legit no need to be scare. You are scare cause that 2mil gold is RMTed. Like AGS have said, it is not recommended for I think is a probable cause for a chance to get your account suspended to stop all activity and investigate both account. If you are the only person out of the 10+ server who does that huge amount of trade in one go it will most likely pop up in their system as an alert. It is just not normal.
For example, the system shows…

So what stands out to you that is odd and not normal? Of course I will look into it.

I sent a friend 200k gold like a couple of weeks ago with no problem through mail and i will continue to send him more if he needs more, hope it helps.

Just 4 or 5 month of farm

No lol, if I was scared of that I wouldnt go to support directly and ask them to look into my account and my gold BEFORE I even trade… I’m scared because I’m asking support about my gold and they are telling me it has potential to ban me regardless of the validity of it.