This is Infuriating

It takes literally more than 12 tries to get to 100%. So I’ve been kinda unlucky with 3k+ mats while my buddies succeed 3 times in a row.

On my alt today failed at 90% and 97%. This system is fucking rigged.




There’s unlucky and then there’s bullshit.

A guy in my guild was 30 gearscore below me and yesterday he surpassed me without buying mats from the Market, and had like more than 50% less of what I had in Mats.


That’s how RNG works.

Same would happen when you need to drop the item instead of the materials from raids and your friends get them first or second try and you spend a month trying to drop it.

At the very least you are shown how close to actually making it you are instead of just “it will eventually drop”.


I dont argue with that.

I argue that this is fucking rigged. Honing % arent real as what is shown.

I cant fail both at 90% and 97% on the same item on an alt. 10%-3% to fail respectively.

Then on my main to fail 12+ times with the same percentages reversed. The chance of this happening is less than 0.0000000000000000000000000001%.


You can fail if there is a chance. In a different game it took me 260 attempts to drop an item that had a 25% drop chance. Everything under 100% is a coin flip.

this should be said to everyone who complains about upgrading.

“Would you rather have a random chance of 10% dropping it on weekly lockout”

Because that will cost you half a year if you get unlucky… and im through that multiple times.
I prefer the Lost Ark upgrading because you can force your luck with jsut throwing mats on it. And even the mats are easy to farm when you spam Chaos dungeons. You get all you need in there, even if you already done your daylie. On a much slower pace but you will get all you need. The red shards can be converted to tradeable upgrade mats wich can be sold for lots on gold so you can buy the ones you need for little gold back. Best mat economy since lineage II.

If you get frustrated upgrading, just hort some mats and do bulck upgrades. Just like 10-20 at a time. If you go there for every one try you have, the frustration gets even worse if its not successing. Just go to the Smith, punch him 3 times in the face, call him asshole, and than start upgrading. :smiley:

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Trust me, I know what yall are saying. I was saying the same.

Unfortunately when it happens to you that you fail weapon of all things 12-14 times its kinda… not cool.


so you are saying there is a chance.
“never tell me the odds”

Believe me when I say that I’ve failed that much. It hurts yea, I can’t deny that, but its something we need to learn to live with. Because it sure does not hurt at all when you one or two tap other items right? That’s the essence of rng.

No its not, because every try is standing out for its own. its unlikely to happen but failing 12 times on whats your chance? 15% initialy? The chance for you Failing 12 times in a row is arround 0,14% so its also common to see things like that.

everytime i see the same excuse for this system…“if you need to drop the item from a raid its the same” no, its not, you can do the raids multiple times until you drop the item or the token that you need to buy the item, like in FF14…until you rolled the item, you can do how many time you like…here in lost ark you have a limit materials per day and that is it, other than that you have to buy on the market or just swipe and, again, buy in the market…that system was design to create whales or to induce people to buy cash, that is the only reason…

and before some shit head come and say “go play FF14 then” i am, but i like this game too and i want to be improved, there is A BIG DIFFERENCE FOR WASTING TIME AND HAVING FUN…grind can be fun, but there is a threshold you can balance, but ofc, the company will make less money with cash grab system.

I know how it works and by that same logic I shouldnt fail at 97%.

Every single guy/friend/guildmate I know has failed at 90%+. I’ve never known anyone besides me to get to 100% artisan for 11 to 12.

Artisan energy should fill up propotionally to the odds.

So if you’re at 15% it should be 100% on 7th try because 6x15% is 90%. Instead it goes up by 8% and you can get absolutely fked and lose weeks of progress based on nothing but bad luck.


As I said, 7-8% means more than 12 fails = more than 3k mats = possible 2 upgrades at the very least and to top it off its destro, not guardian. Even more butthurt.

Reading all the responses, I feel @Nortaric actual argument is the probability shown, i.e. 95%, is not an accurate representation of the chance of success. Your opening statement doesn’t really convey this very well.

I don’t really know what to say to this other than, 95% chance of success still leaves a 5% chance of failure that you have been extremely unlucky to hit. Should this be improved or the odds of failure be reduced? I’m sure the community wouldn’t say no, but as it stands, it’s a core mechanic of the game. Any significant adjustments at this stage would cause uproar in the wider community, especially those at T2-T3.

You didn’t mention if you used any stones to increase the chance of success or if you simply forced your way through to success. All I can hope if future attempts are not as harsh.

I quit getting mad at the system and just started thinking of every upgrade attempt as it’ll succeed or it won’t and ignore all the numbers until 100% artisan energy. That way, when i succeed on a 15 or 20% im pleasantly surprised and move on with my day. For me this mindset change has lead to less stress and rage. When will i hit 1370? Who knows. Im 1360 so ill get there eventually.

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Every.Damn.Time. It was juiced to the max.

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And this is why Lost Ark isn’t going to be a popular game in the west…
The real issue is ofc that the game is putting out lower honing rate changes here in the west than it’s doing in Korea and Russia. Still, SG knew how badly it ruined the player base when ppl hit the dead zone. Now - there is no reason to even have a dead zone cause there is content waiting to be played.

You know what bothers me? you wanna know what really irks me?

We will never know if this is just “fair” RNG doing what it is supposed to do. It could easily be weighted towards failing on 50-60% and no one would say a word about it. I’m pretty sure we cant just datamine its values either, cause this is usually server side.

ThAts hOw RnG woRkS - while not having any sample data that proves that this is correct or not