This is Infuriating

The system is designed to be unfun and make you swipe. It sucks but angry posts claiming they are cheating is not the way get them to understand it should be changed in NA. F2P Korean players don’t even look when they click. They just assume it’s going to fail.

Apparently Korean players have done some data aggregation after the Maplestory fiasco and it does seem to be a fair RNG. It’s just that under a fair RNG some players are going to get shafted, same as some will get lucky.

The Lost Ark honing system has no downgrading, breaking, and has a pity mechanic in place. On top of that, it has a correction system (+10% of base chance per fail) + you can double up the base chance with blessings. It’s BY FAR the best enchanting system out of all KR MMORPGs.

If you think this is unfun, don’t play any other KR MMORPG. You aren’t supposed to max out your character in a couple of days. Doesn’t make sense to complain the days you’re unlucky, but not say anything when you’re lucky because “I deserved it”. You win some you lose some.

People like you are completely missing the point.

Noone wants to max out their characters in a couple of days, but we’re playing a speedrun version of the game because they want to catch up with KR by the end of the year.

Not only that, but we have worse honing rates and way less available mats. If they want to do a speedrun, then we need speedrun odds.

They can claim they made a mistake all they want, but that’s just a cheap pat on the back. Like imagine thinking anyone with half a brain could expect people to reach Argos within a month. Two weeks later and most 12h a day F2P players aren’t there yet. Disgusting.

If the next big update was 3 months away, noone would be complaining, but at this pace everyone who’s not either playing 10h+ a day with an army or alt or swiping will keep falling further behind.

Stop selling the “it’s KR game” narrative, because this isn’t the game we signed up for.

For three days now I’ve been trying to upgrade my weapon to +13. I don’t want to buy extra mats from AH so I’ve had 6 total attempts in 3 days. Obviously each one of them failed and the artisan energy is at just 44%. And I need two more upgrades after that one. At this pace it will take me two weeks just for the weapon.

You’re right, it is infuriating.

Honing is the single biggest reason people are quitting this game in droves.

Bots are a close second.

I had a good run on main but my alts was bad …really bad one alt I failed 3 pieces gear after each other on 90 then 97 only 2 pieces went fail on 97 but outta 3 pieces all 3 failed there 90 and Two failed on 97 …your telling me this is RNG and I was tier 1 on this alt …no mate a very wicked rigged system

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I failed a ton yesterday with my honing only succeeding at 80%.

Then i went to the next piece of gear and instantly succeeded at 15%.

That sounds like the definition of RNG to me.

Bots are actually making it manageable, at least for me. Everything on AH is dirt cheap because of bots.

You can farm a lot in a day, if you have 3 alts, even at lower ilevels in T3, your main can get pretty good speed to be honest.

Yea in terms of driving the price of items down, you’re right. But in terms of the games integrity they drive people away faster than finding out your date has crabs.

Is it 120 gold for each attempt or only the first one? I got to 1325 and stopped seeing the gold price and a 40% success rate.

I feel you. I got to 100% artisan energy from +14 to +15 on my T2 weapon. 1500 dedtruction crystals every time plus mats t improve honing 20%. I failed all 6 rolls from 60% to 96%.

You dont get 1500 weapon crystals easily for the rerolls. Took more than a few days and my friends moved on to T3.

I dont like the system. It really breaks groups of players. I know its how it is but I have to change my mindset to accept it since I want to keep progressing and check the remaining raids etc.

While you have good takes on certain aspects, I don’t agree with your overall idea. Here’s my opinion on your different points:

  1. We have the exact same honing rates. You’re making the mistake of comparing our version where Argos is currently the top tier content vs. KR/RU versions where they’re 2 continents ahead, 5 legion raids ahead, etc. & their cap item level is 1600+. They designed a catch up mechanic to get people up to 1415 (and no more). That’s not even our endgame, right now. Therefore, the catch up mechanics we have are in T1-T2 where honing rates are already pretty boosted as for how they were when T1-T2 launched in KR. And yes, when we get the T3 catch up mechanics the T1-T2 catch up honing rates should even be more aggressive. We do actually have some cost reductions (gold) when honing comparing to the same patch in KR/RU, due to the fact that our economy isn’t supposed to have as much gold supply as the KR/RU economy when their T3 patches hit, since our version is brand new.
  • On a personal take here, the sooner the honing rate buff will hit this server would be on Valtan release, because they’re designed to help you catch up to Valtan’s required item level. We’ll probably see them way later, but I would understand that they come that soon.
  1. We don’t have “way less” available mats. But yes, we’re missing content that would reward resources such as Heroic Guardian Raids or the PVP vendor. The welcome challenge, login events, & Grand Prix event have supplied us with thousands of mats (and that’s okay, temporarily). Might be a hot take for some, but the material supply from these events kind of evens out the missing content. But it’s true and you’re right to complain about this point. It would be better if we already had ALL daily/weekly content available to us, and I hope what we get with the patch this Thursday provides us with a way better material supply. These events have been OK for these first 2-3 weeks of people in mid-T3 (1340+), but we’ll need the extra content moving forward because the big rewards from the events are mostly claimed.

  2. Nobody expected the Argos patch to release within a month? I did. And the people that followed Lost Ark news probably did, yes. Gold River Official Interview | LORE: Lost Ark | Crown ArkWeek - YouTube Go check it out. It’s all there. It’s been transcribed thousands of times. Here you’ll find a transcribed summary: Lost Ark Gold River Crown Q&A: All Questions And Answers - Lost Ark Hub. Same applies for information regarding other content pacing, classes, etc. All F2Ps that play in my guild are past 1370 already (some even close to 1400), so we could begin a discussion about game knowledge & efficiency, but that’s not the point. There’s no shot a 12hr a day player is not in 1370 unless they’re wasting most of that time doing nothing.

  3. Next big update (Valtan, 1415 Legion Commander Raid) is about a month away. Let that sink in. I rather have content to look forward to (even if I can’t access it day one because I haven’t swiped), than a content-drought. I don’t know about you. We’re supposed to get Southern Vern soon (we’ll know more this week, hopefully), so that should help a bit catching up with the material income from a new continent & its dungeons/quests.

  4. I’m not trying to sell a “it’s KR game” narrative. It is the reality. I get that you might not like what you got, but it TOTALLY is the game you signed up for. There’s no mental gymnastics around it.

  • More on this, by reading the forums I can tell that the population will tank around 200k or below within a month. We can’t expect a trivialized and non-RNG experience catered to the West, because we won’t find that here. It is a KR game at its core, and that will never change. We’ll never have better honing rates than KR. We shouldn’t even have regional changes to Guardians or Abyss. It’s an action combat. You’ll have to be fast, learn boss mechanics & attack patterns, and properly react to them. Fights are not telegraphed and enchanting isn’t easy, unlike other MMORPGs like FF14.

TLDR: Yes, missing content (Heroic Guardian Raids, PVP Vendor, etc.) is problematic and you’re right to complain about that. It affects material supply. Even though with the current events it might kind of even out what we would get from these sources, we need the other content ASAP. While the events might’ve compensated what we lack in the past, it won’t in the future as the big ones have already been claimed. However, honing rates aren’t a problem. Love it or hate it, that’s a core mechanic of the game. Just like “action combat” is a core mechanic of the game. If you hate having RNG elements tied to enchanting, accessories, stones, etc. I’m sorry but the game will never get better in this aspect. This game might not be for you.

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  1. If we had the same release schedule, noone would say a word, but we don’t. As I wrote in another topic, it’s pretty much 5x harder to keep up in our version than it was in KR. Why? Because devs are speedrunning the game, not us. If they want to catch up to KR by the end of the year, that means we’re at like 2.5-3x accelerated schedule. And we got maybe not 0.5x mats, but 0.7 for sure. If 1415 was 3 months away, I would be fine waiting another month to do Argos. But right now it’s just ridiculous. Everyone who’s not either playing 10h a day or swiping will fall further and further behind. That’s not a good game design, no matter how you look at it.

  2. As you say, these events are nice, but a bandaid for missing game modes. I’d rather have two more modes we’re missing than a race I don’t even have to play to buy out the store every week.

  3. What was really annoying for me is how they’re playing dumb and saying they couldn’t have known people won’t be able to reach Argos within a month. It was just a blatant money grab and a bait for whales, no other way to put it. Noone without deep knowledge of the game and pretty much speedrunning everything with maximum alt optimization and some market luck couldn’t get there in time without spending a lot.

  4. If it’s month away, the game will fall apart. People who invested a ton of playtime will give up because they don’t want to play a game that expects you to do the mind-numbing grind daily on 5 characters just to barely keep up, if that. I’m like 3 weeks away from 1370, that’s just P1. What about getting to 1415? That’s another couple of months even with boosted mats we’ll get.

  5. Yeah well, from what I’ve read it’s not the KR version of the game because as I mentioned earlier we need the amount of mats we generate to be proportional with the accelerated schedule. KR players had months between each new big update.

As for the population, anything above 100k is great.

As for the gameplay, I love it, but it’s too easy. I know it’s a PvE game and ultimately about grinding and not high skill level, but some balance is needed.

I personally don’t have a problem with whales being like 20ilvl ahead every update and having best possible gear and engravings, but I want to play all the raids. I don’t need optimal gear, this game is too easy with optimal gear.

Whales can have their perfect characters and F2P players should have a difficult time obtaining the most optimal engraving setups etc, but we should be allowed to play the damn game at reasonable pace. As in getting to endgame 2 weeks after the release at the most, if we’re playing 4h+ a day. Nowdays people play double that and still can’t keep up.

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It isn’t even a 100% RNG enhancement you can get in any MMORPG… The equipment doesn’t downgrade or even break, and you also have Artisan’s Energy. What’s the complain about lol

When you fucking fail 14 times for 11 to 12 and your friend comes laughing his ass off that he one tapped from 14 to 15 I want you to type this shit again pls.

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That’s something to complain to your friend, not the game lol

So you’re telling me that if we go with mats needed to guarantee upgrades, you’re fine with 15% not actually being 7x the mats, but 13x because of Artisan meter filling up so slowly?

You’re fine with someone reaching certain ilvl with 50 failures and others reaching with 100? That’s straight up segregation of playerbase based on absolutely nothing but luck.

It’s fine if someone gets it in 50 attempts and others get it in 60-65, but if it literally takes double the attempts while we get so few mats daily, then this game become bullshit, no other word for it.

Every single one of you who is fine with current state of the game is either a paid bot, a sad troll or a masochist who enjoys being slapped in the face by shitty version of the game that’s way different than advertised.

…? I don’t even get your point. Yes, it is all about luck.

Please at least go read the news one before complaining. Devs already recognizes the lack of mats, and they are working on it.

If it is your first MMORPG that you ever played, I get your frustration. But no, don’t expect people to ‘feel’ the same way you are.

Did you even know only 3.3% of the entire player base reached even 1300 item level at the current state of the game? Now who is rushing?