This is no complain, just feedback. Abyssal dungeons

I dont do abyssal dungeons they are just to hard for a casual player, and so many wierd things to look out for to success, its just not fun. I only do guardian raids since that is doable for most players. There are a lot hardcore elements in the game wich is kinda sad. Wish the content was in a easy/normal mode, and a Hard mode, so there was an option for casual players doing these things. Of cause the drops would be a bit lower on normal but should still reach what you need in some time. The game is one way or no way, and thats just how it is. So I just do the raids and other content and live with that.

I wish the game offered more casual content. I like the cube and the other ticket stuff, its just a shame its hided behind tickets, if you are lucky wich im not you actual do get tickets to it. Have got 3 tickets and 500+ playtime. So its not really content you can aim for, its just a thing in the game you might try or not.

That being said I have a blast in the game with what I can do, and love the game. I just wish there were more i could do without wipe mechanics all over the place. But I like the hole collecting things , so thats what I do in the game, beside just upgrading my chaos dungeon gear.

I dont want them to change anything the game is made this way, I just wish for other things to do that is easyer to complete for players like me. It also could be another thing to collect to unlock better gear in a different way I dont know. Ofcause the hardest content the best gear, but maybe a less good set but still a usefull set.

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Just spend literally 3 minutes reading up on the wipe mechanics for each boss and that’s more than enough. They are all very simple as long as you know what to look for, even hyper casual players can do them.

Just don’t go in blind because that’s very irresponsible and self centered for the rest of your group.


These Abyssal Dungeons are the easy modes…for later Dungeons there is also an extra Hard Mode.
I can see why these might be hard but tbh as an experienced player I learn mechanics quite fast and I also always watch guides outside of the game to learn everything.
Sure it is not optimal and for the ppl who wanna experience everything by learning everything by themselfes but they can create groups and do it as they please.

And I like hard stuff :slight_smile: I’m liked raiding and similar stuff in all of my games!

I just find it to hard have some quests to the different onec and have never been able to get them completet. I havent been in a abyssal dungeon wich have been completet, I have only experiensed wipes. That dosnt make me wanna keep trying, so I have just abandoned them, because i feel its just a waste of time when its just wiping all the time.
Ill rather use my time on things wich is completet tbh. I have been looking at the gear sets and see they are good, and ill loose alot not having these sets. But I must just live with that.

I have a mental illness wich do that i have hard time remember stuff, So ill have to watch these videos everytime before im doing those, and thats just not how I play. I wanna play not spending half my time watching videos. :slight_smile:

The game has lots of casual content! Run around and do the islands my man, collect stuff, get the skill points etc. We’re going to have a lot more casual content added in time as well like events, minigames, more islands. Lots for you to do.

Personally I’m on the opposite side, abyssal dungeons are a joke and they’re a weekly too. I go in, I one shot all the bosses with matchmaking groups and I go out and I got nothing to test my class against. I get done with all of my weekly resources + dailies in 1 hour maybe two if I’m slow and messing around.

The issue, really, is that there’s not enough content released. There is content for both casuals and hardcore, but none of it is available at the moment.

Yea I know some find it easy and I also just enjoy the things i can do. I have no need at beeing the best of the best in a game. I just enjoy the game in my own way and have fun with that.

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And that’s the way it should be, my man! Don’t worry, they’ll bring a lot of side content for you to enjoy as well.

Unfortunately for you, those are the easy mode versions. Hard mode and Hell Mode will come later.

Thats just fine, I just do what I like to do and are happy with that.

It just means you have to learn it. Nothing comes easy, and thousands of other players manage to get through, learn and love the challenge - may it be in our version or in the RU / KR version.

I have hard time doing some dungeons as well because people go in blindly or don’t want to communicate and show any interests of learning. It’s content that requires your full attention, and if it gets easier, how will you challenge yourself and learn for what the future content will hold? These dungeons get harder and harder.