This is not the time for new raids release yet

Destroyer, summoner and Arcana are getting a rework, so they are probably first doing the rework before bringing those classes

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Where did You get the Informations from?

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Thanks but i Cant read korean where is the article? Thats. Just an overlay of the Roadmap and Google doesnt translate this

Those kind of expectations are just completely unrealistic. Just because the content is out in KR doesnt mean it should already be out in the West when the game has literally only been out a month.

I recommend to just play the game with your favourite class currently, it will take some time until your class will release most likely as it does on the russian server.

Also, Russia didn’t release with all classes aswell they had a 3 month patch cycle for new classes until they catched up with Korea waiting for Artists now coming out soon.

A brand new class release every half a year in Korea with female Zerker announced in Summer and Weathergirl announcend in Winter.

It is also recommended to have several characters doing Argos so you can already work on it while waiting for your main class!

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Yes I have done content past argos, and yes I understand the time it takes to get gear with desirable stats. Its the first portion of tier 3 where you really feel the progression when you get those upgrades.