This is so disheartened, you guys learned nothing

How about when you said this on April 7th.

speculate away, heh.
(we are going to do a little bit of excitement marketing around this upcoming content update, so I don’t want to just spoil that here in the forums… but we’ll have that release date shared in the next few working days and I will be sure to be loud about that information here when it happens)

What does the next few working days mean to your team?


There was no indicators, just flawed logic and blind hope.

Weve had one major content patch so far, you can’t see a pattern after one.


Roxx, first let me say I dont aim this on you has a worker, I believe you do a good job. The problem stens from the company decisions.

Me and my friends were waiting the patch notes for glaivier and more, refreshing every hour the twitter, reddit and foruns.
This wasnt a mistake on our part, this was a community expectation, one that could be seen on all midia. Reddit there were prepatch farm pics, youtube had pre-update guides, foruns and twitter had hype comments.

On this universe, you guys came with this comment: “as the team will be making changes to the backend structure of the game to prepare for the content update coming later this month.

All of the community intentions were adress on that single phase, to prepare for the content later this month. This spirals me and my friends to understand the meaning. It didnt made sense, how can this be ALL that was said?

Didnt you guys saw the community intent? Didnt you guys thought you should talk about it more openly?

It sounded veiled, it sounded disconected with players expectations, it just sounded off to the point of unreal.


April roadmap arriving at april, patchnotes a few hours before the actual patch, next few working days translated into weeks.

What is happening? Why? How?


I just learned my lesson to not get hyped anymore when dealing with anything from AGS. The less I think about it and the less I launch the game the better I feel tbh


It looks like a lot of players are pointing to the same thing, so I am going to reshare this comment here –

We had planned the announcement for the date of the update which was going to be shared before this week’s patch, and would have made it clear this week’s patch was not the April update. Ultimately that had to be pushed back because of the problems we are working through with the update build. Now that it is Wednesday, which is patch announcement time for Thursday, and weren’t able to pivot on that message beforehand it looks like the message that the content update wasn’t coming this week was withheld where instead it just slipped too far. I hope the context helps, but I don’t mean to make any excuses – it was not ideal, it can be improved on in the future and we can put contingencies in place in case something like this happens again.


At the end of the day both amazon and the shitty community on this forum are at fault.

Amazon should have been forthright and clear and the community here shouldn’t have convinced themselves it was coming tomorrow.

most of us have seen this comment but it doesn’t clarify why last week you responded to threads of “Update next week!?!?!” with “can’t confirm or deny but we have marketing releasing next week” instead of “Not next week, but soon! We are getting the back end ready for this big update, but in the mean time we’ll have some cool marketing releases next week to get everyone excited for the update!”


The old saying “Actions speak louder than words” comes to mind. And AGS is not speaking, but yelling at the top of their lungs with these actions.


Is cest timer fixed?

Can we at least know what “date” that was supposed to be?


Now you adressed community expectations, this needed to be on the first post, not now.
On this message you’re speaking with us, connecting with our expectations, on the first one sounded out of touch.

I shared this because I was confident (it was planned for earlier this week), but it slipped due to unexpected issues with the build. I know “soon” drives people crazy, but ultimately this is why sharing even general timeframes can also be an issue – were going to see what other information we can provide to players in the interim between updates (even when there aren’t dates) so that players can at least feel like they are better being kept in the loop.


they don’t have the date yet.

You know its bad when we are asking to hear “soon” :rofl: . I think people want dates. It boils down to that.

This will be fantastic, if you actually do it. Actions speak far louder than words. We`ll see what happens in the coming weeks


part of me is wondering if the update WAS planned for this week but something did get messed up, and in order to save face, they’ve concocted some story about how “no no, we never REALLY meant it this week” so they can say they in fact meet their intended release whenever that happens and shove it in players faces they never really missed a date for content release.


Fair fair

most likely,
why are we only getting one week of login rewards and not a whole month? thats unusual


There are two options.

April 21st
April 28th

How hard can it be at this point?