This is such a disaster

I was In que today from 14:00 Till 19:00 GMT +2 Then got Disconnected before i got in on Less thank 1000 People in head of me.

After I Verify integrity of game files i got in and got this

Do you really think this is normal to waste people time and money?
I cant play with my friends because 3 day early access was just to feed You and i play together only with 3 day early access people i wasted 40h of my time during that period not talking about que its fine. So i can stick my early access there were sun newer shines because i cant even show off to my friends they are in different server and cant play together or i need to Create new character and waste more of my time.
Why you release game if you are not ready for this OMG. Its better to wait one more month than suffer from this.
In beginning i didn`t say anything but today i got pissed off after this…


Im from Germany but it sucks so hard with te queue. 20k+ and more? Really and then Aura is active and gone and you cannot play the game. some people have to work, take care of other things and only come to play in the afternoons.

This is not fun to give 15/25 or 100 euro for NOTHING but Pain. It sucks so much.

You should provide more servers and, if necessary, split existing servers such as Asta or Thirain into 2 or 3 so that others can also play.

Don’t be surprised if the players’ numbers go back like a river like in New World, because that’s where you screwed up. Many players, or rather almost ALL players are pretty angry because of the crap with the queues or not even trying to get into them. Rightly. And the Hours of wasting time while waiting i dont say anything to this theme, because it’s obvious


Yes its same failure as in NewWorld i play it form beta 1-2 and till now i got more that 1k Hours and game is dead now it got 40k people playing it now and was same population like here little bit less.
They will kill the game with this. there is allot of solutions you could do all you need is servers and you have servers you are Amazon not some random 5 people Developer team with no budget.

if they released the game 4 months later…same problems because brainafk

They just don`t care of ordinary people that much.
They care of streamers watt they support and stuff.
we can sit in que even if you pay for playing and supporting them imagine 15 - 100 euro from person it makes them millions They can sit at beach drink Cristal champagne and let us sit in que.

At Launch of games this is typical FFXIV endwalker and many other expansions have que that reaches upwards of 30k so this is nothing to gripe about. The current situation with covid has decreased the availability of servers and super cobductors limiting resources heed to create even more worlds or decrease player que. This is a new game thats been hyped of for yers snd watched by the us to tgose that had the game… its just how it is.

I totally understand you point of Whew and cant disagree but this game is from 2017 its not new. Que is not a biggest problem but wen you are in que and your turn to login and not by your fault or your device you get disconnected. And for Donators there is no privilege in que and like i mentioned earlier there was 3 day heads up start for who? it was 3 day heads up start to play with people who can afford and willing to support devs. If i would know i will not be able to play with my friends i would newer start game early. And now to play with them i need to give up on Hours wasted in there to start all over again, Time is not free you know.

i dont know how it was for you but for me in Zinner EU the 3 days i paid to play early i spent mostly on que cause i m getting off work late in the afternoon and the 4-5 hours i could spend on playing i was waiting 3 of them in que to get in… ok it was not 27k que like i got today but it was still 8-9k at least. on top of that when i log in the server there are like 10s of ppl just jumping around @ the same spot for hours with macros so they dont log out… that also does not make it good for the ones waiting to get in…

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Well was similar but i managed to play little bit longer since i lost job regarding to C19 still in 3 days i managed to play maby 20h out of 40 showing on steam and then was 3h maintenance turning in to 9h 30 mins after that was que for 2h :smiley: and it feels bad.