This is the future of NA

Behold Blue crystal prices to buy pheons for 1370 gear on SA :upside_down_face:


All tied to the purchases of Royal Crystals. All community dependant nothing to be surprised about here.

This is a direct result of AGS’ busniness intelligence which indicated to them that regional pricing shouldn’t exist for this version of Lost Ark. SA players aren’t going to supply Blue Crystals(By selling RC) when it literally costs a month’s rent for 12.500 RC. Idk why they even made a SA server… No new player can afford pheons at that exchange rate.


I will just stop playing then.

Can I have your gold.

prob the game will be dead before that happen on NA.

As someone from SA, imo regional pricing wouldn’t be the holy grail that’d put us on reasonable levels of blye crystal prices.

Our disparity of whales / free to play is so big that lowering prices wouldn’t be enough to cause a relevant change on currency exchange, simply because even if R$500 becomes $100, its still a lotta money for most people to just throw away in a random game.
The people with affordable income to spend on a game such as lost ark are already doing it, the ones who can’t afford wouldn’t do it either way. Sure, the big spenders would generate a bit more royals, but not enough to sustain an entire region.

Its sad and disgusiting…the existence of pheons. If it ever got that bad, Im done. I’d be done WAY before then. Quit the game and wait until crystals come WAY down.

Playing a 1 engraving alt is in tier 3 is NOT enjoyable at all. And you get looks and comments about it…and Im guilty of commenting on it myself. But for my part, its my 6th or 7th T3 1370+. I simply don’t have the gold income or pheons to get at least 3x3 going for every new 1370 I have coming in and push an alt to any reasonable ilvl.

That’s awful. NA West (Valtan) just reached 1k gold. 5k for Crystaline Aura? Fuck that, gonna take a break

Even at 5k gold thats still cheap. Thats less than 20% of the gold you should be making in a week for a sub that lasts a month. That’s not exactly unreasonable. Or you could also just buy it for ten bucks. Either way, not a big deal… yet…

5k aint much when Fish prices are 40g lol…shouldve been buying a ton at 300-500g exchange rate. It will keep going higher as people want to remove bots from the game and people/whales moving on to newer hype games.

Everyone knows prices will go up after a bot wave ban, this is like hindsight 20/20 for the 4th time now, Fish prices were under 15g for awhile during Vykas release.

No thanks lol. 30 days ago, crystal was 400 gold. Gonna save my gold and take a break for now. Premium is at a premium and its only gonna get worse

Shiet. I thought it was bad in Mari when I saw it was 1k gold for 95BC. (100% more compared to pre Vykas)

Man I’m so happy I maxed out my card slots before this