THIS is the kind of trailer I wanna see!

@Roxx, @Seawolf, talk to your marketing people and show them this.


Yeah, your taste doesn’t fit with mine.

This is not a trailer, it’s an AMV.

The OST fits in the video in my option like 10% to 15%, the rest disconnects the tone of the sound with the video.

In my personal opinion, this will not add value for the 90% of new players that the game will get.

Experienced players like me and few in this forum, are the absolute minority of the new players based in the West, because of this the Encyclopedia Lost Ark videos are good for those people and add value because show the content and teach mechanics. and even explain the basics of the Lorel.

But, each one thinks differently.


Well we differ here.

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The truth is one single type of asset won’t solve all the needs of marketing a game to a wide variety of audience segments. So you’ll see a variety of approaches. This is a cool video, thanks for sharing it.


So… I dig your posts. You have a lot of good things to say in these forums. Don’t take this as me just coming in here to be a jerk to you but while I agree that Amazons marketing videos are uhh… Horrendous… to put it as kindly as I can, so is this one. The music alone makes me want to vomit on my own face.

I thought the video was pretty awesome. Music is interchangeable. The tone they were trying to set with a single voice building up and gathering others and then having the moment of defeat, and returning with more force… It’s pretty emblematic of how one might play the game, like wiping on a boss for 12 hours to finally complete it with ease.

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The visuals are whatever. Sound and music set the tone. That’s what gets you the feels. And it seemed there were no sounds, just that music. I couldn’t even pay attention to the visuals because I was too busy wishing for the destruction of the world hearing the music. I’ll admit I didn’t make it far into this video so I didn’t watch the whole thing as it was becoming torture which I think is illegal in most countries, but that on it’s own can be a sign if a video is good or not.

Can people make it through the whole video? If they close it out early it wasn’t a success. Now, of course some people will like it, different strokes for different folks and all that. It’s only my feelings on it.

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you just did.

Yeah personally I like the song, I listen to “epic” music as it’s usually categorized pretty often so eh.

Won’t comment on how well it fits the video itself as I’m trying to stay away from any type of spoiler.

I will say that the game needs both this type of action-music as they act as a hook and build hype and instructional/educational videos for those that check the game out after getting hooked.

Yeah, nah.

Music’s a bit much for me.

I do prefer just music though rather than someone talking over the video. I dislike that the recent vids coming out have someone explaining the game.

A big part of the excitement with playing a new game is gradually exploring and learning how things work. It’s better to just show gameplay footage and cutscenes with music in the background, maybe with a narrator vaguely mentioning the plot. At that point if people want to know more (spoil it) there’s tons of content out there to look for on youtube/afreeca/twitch.

An example of info that’s good to disclose without spoiling anything is stuff like “the game has challenging pve content, a pvp arena” etc.

If you ask JT Music to make a musical singol and post it on their channel it will be the best advertisement for Lost Ark you may do. Everyone in the gaming community love their music and I personally tried some games only because of them.

Music is always subjective. Some like Country while others like Heavy Metal. There’s nothing wrong with that. Personally I like the music. I like the feel the creator was trying to convey and it pulled me in.

As @Succ said I found there’s been so much talking in the videos so far. I don’t know if you guys recall the KR gameplay launch trailer. This to me is more along those lines.

Not a terrible vid, as a trailer for a wide variety of players both old and new, i like what we’re getting in the last vids way more.

Saw it on twitch the first time, very emotional and nice build ups, impressive.
For a trailer maybe a tad too long though.

How about go to the korean lost ark youtube channel and see the amazing videos they produce hello?
We didnt even get the official cinematic for goodness sakes, i mean cmon.

Like have you guys not seen the Season 2 announcement full trailer?

Its 7 mins (shorter than your 9min tutorials about how pvp works lol)

And its 1000% times better than any video released by the NA team.

Love that we are getting the game and you guys are working so hard, I just feel like you guys are misrepresenting the game .

Enough with the trailer, i want to play the game!

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Personal opinion: that trailer doesn’t make me want to play, at all.

The recent video introducing different type of content was nice, more concrete stuff explained/showed.

It’s like on Steam when you play the first video, it’s often some cinematic trailer instead of actual gameplay… those are fine when you launch the game, not when you’re trying to figure out if you’ll like the game.

I think this video was pretty cool. The cinematic music-video-style trailer made me reminisce about some of the Japanese CGI game trailers of 13-14 years ago.

My question is, what exactly did you want the marketing team to take away from this? Your posts aren’t really critical or have much feedback. I think you also have to take into account that their team has their own objectives and purposes that their trailer needs to fulfill.

I have not studied marketing, but over time, I believe that marketing has evolved to not only hype players up, but also to give an accurate representation of the game and satisfy player curiosity. Players want all the details about a game before it launches; have you seen all the “January Update When?” posts?

I think another thing you have to consider is what impressions your trailer will be leaving your audience with? This trailer does some things well like showing glimpses of the well-designed continents and races, but the trailer may also give some false impressions. Some questions may arise like: Will this type of music be in the game? Is this gameplay about sieging cities? Who and why are we fighting demons? Why are there two vegetables boxing each other?

I think the more recent Reveal Trailer does a lot better job explaining what the story is about. The commentary and visuals explain how much of a threat the demons pose and why we fight them as well as what the players’ ultimate objective is. It also gives a glimpse of what some of the classes look like and what their gameplay is like. I think even in the World Premiere Trailer, which was more gameplay-focused, it was still able to show that the invasion of demons was disrupting the peace of Arkesia while showcasing the unique bosses and class gameplay.