This is the problem

Dear whoever is in charge of feeding information to the community,

I don’t get it. Why is it so difficult to PROPERLY communicate?

No, I am not complaining about m i d j u n e, delays etc…

If you want to keep your community happy and (kind of) stop some spamming posts complaining about compensation etc, or digging around posts just to find proper information.

So, there will be some goodies coming everyone’s way. Can’t dive into it quite yet but I think players will appreciate them.

A simple addition of this to the official news posts would at least give others a *sigh of relief, a *maybe they do care…something that shows that they are not being ignored.

Please please please please…in the future, be more SPECIFIC in your Official News posts. Be more clear and concise. Some Why’s,Who,What etc… Lets face it, you have a bunch of players crying in the forums and an easy simple fix to that is to at least make them feel acknowledged. Make them feel as if they are not being ignored. Provide them with something POSITIVE about the situation. I don’t know, Im all over the place, English is not my first language and i’m just not sure how to get this through.

I guess what Im trying to say is, adding said quote into official news would show your players that you care and are not just leaving them out in the dark with nothing.


I do believe she posted to let us know INFO is coming, since the whole forums were flipping their sh.t about 0 communication till last minute.
Let them post what they want to post, since this should at least be appreciated instead of being left in the dark up until ACTUAL post.

At least I believe our CMs care

Christmas is always coming too…

They can’t be specific in anything because their superiors don’t let them (or dont even know), simple as that

This is what I’m saying in so many post regarding the delays !!! But the Andys call it toxic :man_facepalming:t5: