This is to everyone who is against the Yoz's Jar

Don’t cry when they add them for minimum $200 or $300 as a purchasable box for RC only.

You had the chance to get them with BC or guaranteed with in game gold from the AH, but you said no.

You’re whining and crying about Summer Skins being expensive for $57 with no BC option.

Clap to you all.


There was one player who suggested an approach that I believe is going to happen

$57 was for a bundle, not the skin itself.

Are you trying to mislead people with misinformation?

Besides the point I don’t think many people will pay $200-300 for a skin. It’s just bad business tbh. The only reason people are spending 400-$500 right now on skins is b/c it’s reasonably priced and to have it on multiple characters they play.

The moment you make this unreasonable, only a handful of people will buy it. That’s NA/West culture for you.


The culture is “Give me free” tbh.

Just today, when the swimsuits are purchasable via gold, I am seeing an actual quantity of players using them. The previous days, I saw barely more than what my hands can count. It did increase to at least 2 pair of hands as days went by!


yes this. $57 consist of lots of stuff.

while with yoz jar, the gacha part could make your ends up wasting thousands of dollars just for a chance to get a set of skin with stat increase p2w in it.

Hi LostArkEnjoyer

no misleading, i believe it will be a package too with the full matching set (4 pieces)

SG won’t sell it for a very low price while players in other regions spent hundreds of dollars worth on them, regardless of western culture.

Any approach will guarantee they make the average they made in other regions for them, which is about $300 for a full matching set.

I could be wrong but I think they will give the same price as the platinum founders pack 100 usd given its a premium item.

Expensive indeed but on my budget. Bought the swinsuit and bathrobe + mount + pet + background and satisfied with my purchase. No bs it was just a choice of yes or no. No ifs that a RNG factor bring.

I think it’s a good thing to see everyone in swimsuits, b/c someone is spending to get those outfits on the market for gold.

Do you think it’s a bad thing? This really isn’t about f2p people wanting free stuff, it’s about paying people wanting reasonable prices for a game.

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To this point I still am confused on why people feel the need to policy someone else’s money.

If they find a given price fair, it is fair to them. It isn’t to you so rage?

Well, imagine the entire latam where dollar has skyrocketed due to global events and is even more expensive now than at the beggining. Thanks to some who take advantage of lower localized price to abuse founders packs, it won’t be given a thought anymore.

I’m not saying is a bad thing to see people in swimsuits but pointing how hypocritical are a big chunk of players when you keep seeing posts and comments condemning monetization systems and claiming, as they did with the swimsuits, to open their wallet IF this or that. Yet they will complain and keep on it because a different way to acquire those will cost them TIME, not even money 'cause they won’t spend for many reasons.

Not saying non-spenders shouldn’t have voice. But I wouldn’t trust their words of “what’s fair” when most are just empty promises worse than what the devs are doing with communication. imho just bring those jars and give one weekly so people satisfy their need to be part of such systems.

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To this point I still am confused on why people feel the need to policy someone else’s money.

If they find a given price fair, it is fair to them. It isn’t to you so rage?

What are you even saying? You say people feel the need to police others who find the value worth it… while… also policing others who are saying the price is too expensive for the item’s value? aren’t you contradicting yourself here?

Each person can have an opinion on cost, or do you think they shouldn’t?

People are saying gambling for a skin is bad and also charging an absurd amount for a skin is bad. You can rightfully disagree if you think $300 for a skin is okay, that’s your opinion like their opinion it’s too expensive.

Maybe you’re confused?

Am still against Yoz’s Jar. Thank you for actually reinforcing that as the average for a set of legendary skin was about 700$ of rolling lmao


Not at all. There’s also been a good chunk of players asking for the Jar as it is. If the price is too expensive to you, what’s the problem with investing the time yo farm the gold to get the stuff off the AH?

You are saying “It’s about paying people wanting reasonable prices” and again I’d point out there are a good chunk of players wanting the jar. Not the majority of course, in a f2p game, paying customes will never be the majority.

But then why bring “What they find a good price”? Many found the single jar price fair but the odds are obviously done in a way you will need more than one.

Fashions is literal endgame for mmorpgs and several people through this genre history have paid more than yoz’s jar to get ahold of unique stuff. Flat price removes that and many who would like something unique simply won’t try because it isn’t that unique anymore, it removes a layer of value from having the RNG or an increased price that not many will have access to, and love it or hate it, that’s what drives a lot of people to buy stuff.

How else would you conserve a skin’s status of legendary? Legit what system you think would be a good idea to keep the rarity of it?

I think what Primadiva said in a linked quote is pretty fair tbh. Mix 10 epic skins for a legendary.

Many won’t of course. This is a business, they must report + numbers even if their parent is Amazon and of course they will aim to cash on fashion.

Except that the removal of the jar has next to nothing to do with players being upset about it. It was exclusively removed for a LOA release in the netherlands and potential future EU plans to regulate lootboxes. If you think they got rid of it because of its “predatory” nature, you are delusional.


Who cares only skin I need is speedos

Who cried? I’m totally fine with that still better than gamble crap. You could spend 1k$ and not get anything through gamble crap.

They can sell legendary skins even for 500$, I would not care. At least it’s a fixed price tag and people know what to expect.
With Yoz’s jar, you can end up spending $1K and end up not getting what you want. That’s the problem.
People don’t care if skins are expensive. People simply don’t want a predatory system implemented in the game.
Also, you can still get the skins in AH after a few days even if you buy them with RC.

People can “cry” (complain) as much as they like when/if they do. No one cares about your feelings bro lol.

The irony is you sound like you’re pretty tearful now yourself in this pointless post lol.

Firstly SG don’t set the price AGS do, and secondly what other regions pay is totally irrelevant. This is a different game, meaning no one in korea will care if they are $1 here, as it has 0 effect on their game.

Tbh I think they’ll probably end up on the amethyst shard store.

Lol no, theres people getting legendary skins and they spend even under 50 at times.
300 for a full set is unreasonable and it doesnt avoid one of AGS’s points of “we dont want people to pay for stat boosts”


Will you be able to buy it then? Because I dont, and I dont mind.
Yoz’s Jar rng “mechanics” was set up for you to spend between 200 and 300 anyways so…

Stop supporting systems like Yoz’s Jar; for these kind of things is that we ending having games like Diablo Immortal and series in Netflix like Resident Evil…