This is VERY serious

Hello, today we broke a record of 791k 24-hour peek

From the respect, we need HARD PUNISHMENTS to RMT called BAN PERMANENTLY and sorry if that sounds hard to do but, we need updates (about bots obviously) more quickly because, what will happen in two more weeks? Will we reach 1M players? And I’m not counting the vykas update.

I would like (I know I speak for the vast majority who like this game) who treat bots and RMT more aggressively and seriously, with permanent bans, 0 tolerance and more aggressive tools to combat them (whatever they are but more) I would like that because keeping silence about bots is bad and is not helping, the chaos dungeons vendor fix, let’s be honest, it didn’t work, that’s why I’m making this post.
Feel free to write your solution (obviously with respect).

Thanks for reading me and sorry if my english is bad:C


so many new players

all similar names, must be friends

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Ahskaqywik and Uqowyajdit, yep the same guild haha

guess thats how they spell Peter in chinese :man_shrugging:

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After the chaos dungeon change, bot farms probably need more bots to make the same amount of gold.

It’s ridiculous that people are just openly RMTing, but when you consider your dollar is worth 4x more and there’s almost no punishment, it’s the natural progression of things.

reading this as i am a que for 7k… sigh i hate this

Thats my brother man, he plays with a mutual friend, Ftryuaiiop; and of course my uncle Trrppasdjj

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The thing is, that chaos mats change seems to have been their major source of gold. Since that is no longer an option, I’ve seen them farming masterpieces - there are a ton of bots on the Lonely Island, when there was never a single one there before. It’s a lot of gold in there but also requires a lot longer to get it.

Guess how can they compensate for the slower farming rate - increase the number of bots. This is what we are seeing.
Without punishment (instant and permanent) to deter RMT, each “attempt” to fix the botting situation only results in some time for them to react to the changes, nothing else. It’s like playing a game you can’t lose, just takes longer with each update…