This is why Artist would actually help with lack of supports

Allright, here comes another Artist post, hope you all are ready.
So I have read them, and I would like to address some of the arguments made for and against, as it seems its very black/white views, and only a few people seems to get it right, the nuance between.

So lets begin with the main point:

“Artist will/will not solve the support lack issue”

The main word here is help . Using just a little common sense, everyone knows you will never achieve perfect 25% harmonic and stable support main usage by releasing artist.

However it will help the situation. Now, hold on, I know what many of you will say, it will be a little like this:

  • Support is a playstyle/role not class dependent
  • Only support players will play a new support
  • People will never main a support, they will always use them as an alt

Wrong. Reading through the over hundred different replies as a base of feedback, you can easily surmise there are many who believe Artist will be able to fight against the above points because:

  • Supports are a role just like DPS is a role, however, some people absolutely cannot stomach playing Berserker, and some only swear to playing Artillerist. Variety and playstyle is the keyword here. It is one of the strong points about the game… for DPS at least.
    This means how fun the class is to play matters, of course it does, it is the only reason Lost Ark is even played over other games, but you’re welcome to argue otherwise.

  • Artist have a much higher damage potential, which enables stronger solo content and clearing for when you need it. Clearing a boss mob without anything to Prelude of death as a bard is horrifying, people want to be able to clear content solo, and Artist can do that without a hitch.

  • Lets say that support mains just swap to Artist instead, so now they got 2-3 supports instead of 1-2. How is that harmful though? For people who like the support variety, myself included, It just means I will level another one to have more variety, this means 1 more character for lockouts, which is 1 more group per week per dungeon/raid that will get a support.

Some people will not like Artist, but there will be people who like artist, who did not like Bard or Paladin. I have both as alts, and I find them rather boring besides a few spells. I do not care about damage, but even their utility playstyle is a bit too binary, but they are “fun enough” for me to play as alt chars. I would not main them instead of my Gunlancer, because they are not active enough.

I could also just say it like this. What is the worst case scenario? That support % is unchanged, and some supports just play a support they like more? If the worst case scenario is a support player base that finds a character they enjoy more, and might stick with more in the long run, then that is already a success. Also the chance a DPS converts to a support main is a lot higher than them going Artist as a DPS.
You say they do not exist, the players who play DPS and suddenly will swap to a support main, but they actually do, and there is probably a little more than you think. But I will accept that with an objection of hearsay and lack of foundation, but I am just putting it out there that it is not 0.

Thanks for reading your 10th Artist thread, hopefully the feedback will spark a wonderful and joyous conversation as is the culture of this forum, while #11 is being written as we speak.



imho it won’t help because the problem lies elsewhere: there’s not enough mats to push alts to your main’s content progression.

though I want artist a lot so I don’t mind this type of spam. I play 4 supports soon to be 6 when artist releases (2 each)

I just hope it’ll be possible, sooner rather than later, to park my alts at the minimum ilvl for the lastest content in the game

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If i had enough mats i would have already made a pali. But im not going to sacrifice that much progression on my main when mats are as scarce as they are. I will make one with the next pp drop though. Hopefully its not a joke like the last one

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If you think Artist will change anything regarding support shortage you are high on hopium


He provides nothing. I like Saint but that is a hot take.


you dont need artist to help support shortage, just make 5 more bards, you already helped

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It’s your good right to deny reality it still won’t change the fact. The problem exist in litteraly every MMO and it doesn’t matter how many support classes you releases. The ratio between DPS and support classes (Tank and healer) will always be massivly weigthed in favor of DPS.


You must not have read the OP post. I suggest you do so.


So basically all you’re saying is that support players are not allowed to have variety and fun


Give me powerpass and I`ll create artist + 5 more supports (Im main bard so based on what I like to play more). I have 2 KT left and waiting to try 3 characters. I dont plan to lvl up 5 supports 10-50 …

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you can play whatever you want, im just saying helping the cause is not tied to releasing a class in any way

It is, go through all the threads there are 50+ people switching from dps to artist when it comes out

if i get a pass to 1415 i ll make a bard too

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Having support alt is useless for the problem… why ? because you wont push all your character to top end, where the support need is the strongest.

And you openly are denying part of reason to play artist… the model character. I am totally fine with it. i am happy to have more variety.
buuuuut … let’s be honest some prefer DPS than support, and will leave artist for aeromancer so.

Korean experience
Global MMORPG experience.

If people want me to think artist is what we need for the lack of support, they have to explain me why adding artist would manage to do what new healing class never manage to do in other MMORPG…

Meanwhile, you are just claiming what years and years of mmorpg history are denying…

we are more around 50… now i report all new artist topic as spam, because it is spam


The argument was to help… not to fix… please read OP post… fixing would be the best end to it. But it is moving the balance even a little that goes towards that


6% increase… this is what happened in Korea… went from 21,70% to 23,09%

This is the help korea got…

And as said in my post, i am sure (with no proof except “people prefer to play DPS” that is are to be ignored) part of those artist will swap to aeromancer…

Releasing artist after brelshaza like in KR will definitely not help. The faster artist can catch up the more supports can do end game content. if indeed artist is last expect the shortage to get worse and worse.


It is though. I play my pally actively and am waiting for a second support class after trying bard and hating the playstyle with a passion as it’s slow and the skills feel unimpactful compared to the other 8 classes I’ve tried. I’m looking forward to adding an Artist to my roster where a bard would have been were it not so boring to play and weak outside group content