THIS is why PvP is really good (and really BAD)

Extremely fast PvP matches. Thats honestly all that can be enjoyed with PvP.

I’m going to describe why you should stay away from PvP if you want to have fun.

TL;DR at the bottom of post.

This is by far the worst PvP experience anyone is going to have over any type of game for PvP. Its abysmal. I still enjoy it but that’s because I’ve become numb to the cesspool of crap it makes you feel.

Let me break it down for you:

  • I have a 55% win rate on PvP in normals (mostly TDM)
  • 55% win rate in ranked
  • Played around 400+ matches in total with PvP
  • End of the week I’m in the top 10 on my server of points earned in PvP (not based off skill)

I mention these stats to show that I’ve experienced enough PvP in this game to get a feel of how it is.

I would say I’m an average player with average gameplay and an average climb. I’m nowhere near to being “good” or a “pro”. You might ask “who are you?” to which i say I’m no one. I’m just a regular PvP player like everyone else (aside the top 10, thats just most games played honestly). I’ve come to these forums, I’ve raged, I’ve talked crap, I’ve hated on classes, etc.

What I can say is that anyone who wants to enjoy the PvP aspect of this game: don’t queue up. You won’t like it. You’ll come here and rage about it, demand change (which I’ve done several times) and bash on it. Rightfully so with how it makes you feel.


  • Extremely fast matches compared to other games.
  • Dedicated shop to PvP in general, not ranked exclusive.


  • CC is absolutely whack and out of control.
  • Some classes dominate over others with their kit thats why you see 98% of the same classes in PvP.
  • Matchmaking is crap in ranked. New players will be faced off against veteran players just to fill the queues. Thats free farm for them. EXTREMELY hard to learn if you’re getting completely dumpstered by veterans.
  • PvP uses chaos shards? Why?
  • Can’t queue with friends in ranked. No dedicated team ladder for ranked, only solo.

Now I know many people will say “l2p” or “learn cc” which yeah to an extent. When I first started PvP in this I was so horrible, i didn’t even know what other classes did. My win rate was around 45% and i hopped into rank, dropping my rating all the way into bronze while playing random classes.

Since then i’ve:

  • learned CC mechanics
  • learned to “l2p”
  • Went from 45% winrate to 55%
  • Got to Gold rank

Now all I do in PvP mostly is play TDM. I don’t do rank except for once or twice a week to keep my rating where it is. My rank status is average I would say. I enjoy PvP to an extent only because I’ve gotten better and become numb to how annoying it is. For the most part. But player shouldn’t have to play hundreds of games to barely enjoy it.

I try to bring friends into PvP and as soon as they play a few matches they hate it with a passion. Its complete suffering and they quit playing the mode. They can’t even enjoy PvP because the game is absolutely horrendous with how it is. Once I hit the highest rating in PvP, I’ll likely just maintain it enough to get the most out of it and thats it. There is just too much toxicity with PvP.


  • The CC.

CC is absolute hell. No one likes being chained with ‘staggers’ because a gunslinger can just hop around firing bullets at you. No one likes being knocked up 17 times afterwards. No one likes to roll out the way only to be hardstunned and chained by other CC in the game. You can learn the mechanics but you can’t avoid it entirely. You only have 1 dodge and 1 get up with a CD vs nearly 8 staggering, stuns and push attacks from 1 person. No one likes getting staggered for 4 seconds just to be staggered AGAIN by the same player with another ability. No one likes having a stagger apply a soft stun after you’re staggered, eliminating your chance of escape from a hard stun that the other player gets to do with a run and elbow.

I don’t know how the main game is before it came to NA but honestly the only way to address the issue is to obviously fix the matchmaking for ranked and add either an event (like the guardian raid event they did) or a mode for PvP that makes it tolerable with CC. The current CC immunities provided feel non-existent because they go off when you’re laying on the ground for 5 seconds because the get up animation takes FOREVER in this game.

The whole point of people hating on PvP is because its worse than not fun. Its literal suffering. Once you get hit by a wardancer flying in from the skies that jumped from farther away than your camera allows you to see, or when you get sniped by someone who can see the map and around the world - it can be over. You can go, make some tea, go out to eat, come back and you’re still being juggled by the striker.

The game needs quicker and better CC tolerance. You shouldn’t get CC’d by the same skill multiple times from the same person just because they did some combo that finishes when their first skill comes off cooldown, just to do it again.

The game has great rewards to obtain from PvP. Once you acquire the right status you can purchase alot of honing equipment, some titles, aura’s and mounts as well. This is solely why I do PvP. I wish it was actually enjoyable, but out of 100 games, i enjoy maybe 5.

You can definitely “get gud” and also be told “well if people can get in GM then its balanced” but thats not the case. If 100,000 people play PvP and only 1000 are good and the rest hate it, then PvP will only cater to those 1000 and the mode would be dead because queues will be forever, thus making THEM complain they can’t find matches.

Take my rant as you will, whether you’re part of those 1000 or the 100,000, but in the end:

  • CC is abysmal and people hate PvP because of it and are quitting because of it. Make it more tolerable.

Some guardian raids are abysmal because of the CC. Insert new event and its alot more fun to do. Do the same for PvP. For those that still want to queue, the best way is to learn all the classes, see what they do and what they’re immune and not immune to. Play TE (Team Elimination) to get a better understanding of classes in 1v1.

Most importantly:

  • Don’t go into ranked if you haven’t tried it and you’re new to PvP. Your first handful of games will give you a TON of points (24-40, it varies) per win/loss. You want to have the most experience in PvP before taking advantage of it. you’ll rank up WAYYY better. If I did, I’d be in platinum rank or even diamond with the amount of points earned. (I now earn about 14-16 points. BIG difference).

  • Don’t take the mode seriously. This game has WAY more to offer than just PvP. Treat it as a meaningless arcade game mode.


  • CC is out of control and needs fixing. THIS is the main issue. If you say its balanced, then you’re unbalanced. Matchmaking is also an issue in ranked.

  • Add a new mode or EVENT (like the guardian raid one we have. Some guardian raids are abysmal with the amount of CC from the boss. Now its alot more fun with the new event) to make PvP more enjoyable and more for fun (Increase getup time to half of what it is, Add cc immunities that cut the CC in half so you’re more immune or something along those lines)

  • Play ranked AFTER you played 100+ matches in a normal TDM (Team Death Match). The more you practice, the better. You earn MORE points in ranked(24-40 per win) compared to later on when you start winning 14-16 points. Its deathly. Big advantage once you get better. Ranked is around for 6 months so you have time to learn, you don’t need to rush it.

  • This isn’t about making PvP “better” to help people rank up higher. Its about making the mode enjoyable for others and not pure suffering.



The pvp is the worst I’ve played in any game so far. It has potential if they fix the dog shit matchmaking system


I would love to see moba style map with lvls and items. Co op has some similar stuff but it’s not the same. Arena is nice but well it gets boring after the 20th match for the day.

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There’s one problem with PvP modes - the introduction of players.
I counted TDM and it takes around 30 seconds, considering match is 240 seconds then you got the equation. Should be reduced to 10-15 seconds at maximum.


I would rather it cut right to the face-off where it shows names, ranks, and classes.

I agree on this 100%

updated :smiley:

well some of the cons you listed i think are HUGE pros instead.

i LOVE how the CC works. less CC would mean less skill. with this amount of cc you have to be carefull when you use stand up roll, when you use dodge and how to position better and when to engage.
the CC makes the game what it is the sole reason why most people who love the pvp in this game play it. if you take it away LOSt ark pvp looses its touch and the pvp will with no doubt die because it will just become the usual pvp like any other mmo and the metagamers (ppl who switch form hyped game to another hyped game with no love for the game) will leave at a point because another hyped games comes out. if you dont like the CC in this game you should be better and play another game that focuses on lot less CC. if you like fighting games with combos without the RNG factor and 1v1 i can recommend you brawlhalla. or just play league of legends (KEKW)
i also love that tehre is no premade queue in ranked


So uh, the Stagger Tier/Super Armor Tier system is technically balanced…it’s just…really unfun. It requires you to fucking memorize every super armor and stagger level of every skill in the game as well as their cooldowns to really play at a higher level, which might be okay for premade 3v3 tournaments, but…it’s absolute shit for solo queue.

Don’t get me wrong, the CC is kind of required, because you’d never kill anyone without it in this game, but the system that it works on is overly convoluted.


Unfun is subjective, this is one of the most fun aspects of the pvp to me lol… Makes it a lot more thought provoking than just being a dmg trade game like most.


Pretty much every other game has moved away from long CC chains with few counterplay options because it’s not enjoyable to the majority of people playing. I firmly believe PvP in this region will die if they don’t make changes to the flinch system (i.e. it needs to be an actual form of CC that is found on certain abilities instead of everything). Control constantly being taken away from the player and the bad MMR system are always the two things brought up in regards to what people don’t enjoy about PvP in this game, so it’s pretty clear that people don’t find them to be healthy for PvP.

I think the PvP in this game is close to being extremely good, but it’s being held back by the ten-second training mode combos, many of which are hard to avoid the initiation of. You’re right that people could just swap to a less CC-focused PvP game, but that doesn’t actually solve anything and probably leads to dead PvP queues.


well i belive other pvp games are to easy. thats why i enjoy the pvp in lost ark so much because you need so much more skill. if tehy change the cc system other games will have way better pvp and lost ark wont be good anymore in the pvp aspect.

majority of people complaining about the cc are people that only play and liked easy pvp games and never realy touched games that needed more skill and never rly have played fighting games. tehy dont want to learn. they just want to change a game that is rly good into something they like… those people will leave the game in few month anyway even if the cc would change because tehy are metagame chasers


I honestly think they just need to go all the way with the normalization and have every class have one, single PvP build. Not just a meta but a literal single build that you’re forced to play. The only actual issue with the PvP is that it’s too convoluted, and there’s no way of knowing who’s running what. At least if every time you saw a class they had the same kit you could learn over time, or put some study time in and actually have it pay off for sure instead of pay off maybe, most of the time hopefully, but hey who knows. When the CC system is this complex it can’t be also this modular.

Making matchmaking better is always going to be a good thing but it’s very possible that to increase the fidelity of matches the queue times will have to skyrocket if there just aren’t enough people playing.

majority of people complaining about the cc are people that only play and liked easy pvp games and never realy touched games that needed more skill and never rly have played fighting games.

Nice gaslighting you got there.

tehy dont want to learn. they just want to change a game that is rly good into something they like… those people will leave the game in few month anyway even if the cc would change because tehy are metagame chasers

Again, gaslighting and wilfully ignoring the actual points OP made.

maybe you should read the whole thread before you write that i ignore OP comment. i wrote abouot it already in an earlier post

btw had to google what gaslighting means here in the context as i never heard it. thanks for the compliment

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Not really the correct usage of gaslighting lol.

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I did read the whole thread, please point out where you did not ignore.

ok kid.

this one here. the post this post replys to