This is why you don't "westernize" games

At some points in future content you will forget to westernize the assets because for some reason Lost Ark is not reusing assets which gives us several differently translated identical items (selection packs saying hello here).

In the current patch AGS forgot to recolor the luterra castle Neria on some event I don’t want to spoil.

Now they are not only messing with assets for “more diversity” but messing up again by forgetting it here…

Now I wish they would have messed this up for the new SH skin as well…


wait, in the original version she is white but for the western version they had to color her…wtf xD why, for what…pure clownfiesta at this point


Who careeeeeeeeeees? i doubt even you cares about it
funny how you react cuz of a skin color change lol


yeah who cares, just let them be how they were in the original, cause no one cares right


i sometimes wonder if people who overdramatize trivial issues like this are aware of how they come off to others


Are you really gona cry on the forums for the color of pixels on your screen? Don’t got better feedback to offer? :sweat_smile:


Welp, it clearly seems that AGS cared…like… a lot

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They can make her purple. I could care less

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If they are just pixels then why would they spend extra efforts and money just to make some changes to make it approachable and representative for the NA players instead of using those resources on making the game better? I dont see RU or JP making such changes to make it representative for their regions


Not as much as you tbh

Because they can and they want to, also thinking that you need “money” to make that change shows us how clueless you are on this topic

Japanese would say it’s a Gaijin card.

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no… it’s shocking how many people here throw around words without knowing what they mean. these random, nonexistent characters didn’t make themselves black for the sake of mocking black people or imitating them. if ags left them in our version as white and then eventually changed them to black maybe your argument would have some substance. but they didn’t.

This has been flagged and will be fixed in the weekly update next week.