THIS IS WRONG! Misleading Chest Preview for Super Express Mission

THIS IS UNFAIR. I logged in and previewed the chest for the express chest preview, and thought that there was T3 Mats, so I accepted the box in a T3 character. THIS IS VERY BAD, no player mistake is found here, this is MISLEADING. you have to revert this, it is soooooo unfair.

Character: Asianspy
Server: Nineveh (EU West)

This pictures are taken from my friend that did not choose his character to accept the Super Express Mission yet.

This is serious, please consider roll back.


Yeah this is so misleading, I dont know what is going on here.

They must change it, this is so unfair for people who made the mistake. I saved all my guildmate from this trap though.

I have a web ticket in because I made this same mistake. The event details are not clear. Never does it show T1 or T2 mats or a homing buff.

I’m about ready to call my credit card company and block my purchase of the super premium.

This is so messed up.

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I also choose this on my main because of misleading info on the gold, T3 mats, and other things. Please fix this or give it another pass.

yeah, this is definitely not our fault, they need to either rollback or give unbind the mats in the express event box


FYI Received this response from amazon case a few minutes ago


Thank you for contacting us today. This is Princess from Amazon Gaming.

I’m sorry that you selected incorrect character for the Express Mission event.

For now, we don’t have the option to reinstate the mission for other characters. However, we have already reported this to the developers and we are still awaiting for an update from them.

What we can do for now is to wait for an update or probably a hotfix for this.

You can check for future announcement and updates from the official Lost Ark website and the official forums:


there is another post about this which is probably the hottest forum now, the moderator should realize that it is truly misleading and it is not the player’s fault.

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could anyone post what the actual problem is please?

The problem is they selected it on a T3 character when it’s clearly designed for t1 & t2 characters as stated in the patch notes.


Same problem here, Logged in after work, it shown Cards, Rapport items and T3 mats in chest preview so I accepted it then I got the chest with 302 ilvl armor, then I checked what rewards I can get and saw that it was totally misleading…

Server: EU West - Moonkeep
Char: Mortimel
Please help, fix this!

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I chose my highest character aswell - didnt log onto him yet so i dont get what the problem behind all this is. Do you get character bound stuff which u dont need?

it stated in the patch notes, but the chest previews a T3 item, it is very misleading.

yes, if you choose your T3 character for this, your in the same boat as me. you lose all that precious T1-T2 items which could potentialy just give you another T3 character

It may be misleading to some people sadly, however, the chest clearly states that it is the completion reward for completing the event. So you do get those items once the event is completed by the character chosen.

Same here, got scammed on the info, sent it to my main.

I’m telling you its not “some people”. Right now there is a post about this which is the hottest subject right now.

Same. Saw T3 mats and assumed it was for the main because there’s really no explanation for super express missions

same as “some people” selected the wrong boss rush.

But could you at least write what was in the chest already? “I thought. It’s bad. Need rollback.” doesn’t exactly tell anything to anyone who didn’t take it.

So many people and still so little info about what actually happened… there has to be a connection :confused:

It doesn’t matter if it was stated in the patch notes. Majority of players do not retain 100% all the knowledge from the patch notes, or they don’t read at all. What ONLY matters is what is shown in the game

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