This isn't your Twitch channel. People can talk about stuff

Kinda sick of people trying to tell people don’t play if you don’t like it.

people are upset because they care about the game and they see how things are playing out.

you don’t have to pay attention to people either or listen. don’t act like the forum is your favorite streamer’s chat and you are the mod.


Posting constructive feedback is great, but a lot of people on here are just acting like entitled spoiled brats.


how do they care about the game and love the game if they hate the fundamentals of it? our honing isnt worse then RU/KR etc, u knew it would be like this if u made any type of research, u knew this game is grindy and hardcore and painful if u did any type of research

Yes KR does have a honing buff for “early” stages of the honing because KR have been in t3 for YEARS, not launched 1 month ago starting in t1

ur all trying to change what this game is about by “caring” for it

this is not wow this is lost ark, grind wise its mostly simular to BDO, if u dont like that type of game then dont play it

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disagreeing isn’t hate. our honing is worse.

NA is getting 2.2k less gold per week
1050 less t3 destruction stones
3500 less t3 guardian stones
55 less t3 honor stones.
can’t say they did research but this is public knowledge. right now we have the same honing as kr season 1.
also, most people are asking for those 3 income mats mostly. honing change would be nice too and I see where others are coming from.

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Criticism is fine.

But coming into the forums demanding things change and acting as you speak for the entire community is wrong.

Or posts claiming the sky is falling… wrong.

The passion is fine… but take a minute and make it constructive.


asking for what we are missing is not really a demand. people are the upset but same time they are asking them to fix it. they changed guardians less than 7 days. but honing/mats are taking more than a week/two patches.

heroic guardians is to soon cuz that requiers engravings set up,. something people have barley started to set up, it will just cause a bigger outrage from the casuals that they are locked out of content and only whales can do it

arena pvp we are getting next week and u can already now pvp to rack up currency for npc next week

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omg I love this thread, its like one of those mosquito magnet traps, this is gonna be the greatest self report thread for all the forum warriors that spend all day shaming people for wanting quality games, instead of playing the game. +1

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just wanted to talk to them in one forum and hear them out. while showing some of my thoughts. haha

good luck, most of them just cruise the forums looking to silence anyone who they disagree with by shaming them for not fanboying every single inch of the game.

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I agree, but disagree as well.

There are legitimate concerns that echo across the majority of the community (honing rates, mat resources, advanced class releases) and telling those players to shut up or stop playing definitely doesnt help.

However there are some who make it clear that they dont want to exert any effort and in those cases, if a productive dialogue cant be established, thats about all you can tell them.

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true too much is always not good. hope lost ark community will stop going against each other about this. I just want lost ark to update sooner tbh :stuck_out_tongue:

Didnt know what abyss trials was but Ive researched it now and i believe that would have the same issue heroic gr would have since its equalized and only ur engravings matter, something majority of players still have messy, most people would be locked out of this content aswell and itr would leave a bigger gap between payers and casuals

for context, in KR and RU no one will accept u to party if u have less then 3 engravings lvl 3 (good engravings u should have), i think it would quickly resort to this or at least 2 +1 at lvl 1-2 in EU/NA to, just locking casuals out more since only whales have achieved this so far

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Do we know for sure that they actually want the rates to be the same? I mean just because the game is one way in another region doesn’t necessarily mean the devs intend for it to be the same way in all regions (as weird as that sounds)

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but kr and ru mats are cheap while having more ways to get them. with their version, you can play the market to get those engravings.

with cheap market like kr and ru. people in na would never get stuck in t1 and t2. lol

idk but I want more than 10% lol failed everything today even with weekly mats in NA. I wouldn’t mind 30% to 1370. haha

Ask yourself why their market is cheap?

Sure the fact theres more ways t gain the mats is certainly one of them, the fact that all players can also clear this content adds to it(since u now instantly skip t1 and t2 due to the game being out so long there) but releasing this content to the west now is not a good move, argos and the mob of angrys proved that.

but theres other factors to like thew fact that KR and RU been in T3 for years, their market is stable cuz the games been out for years, the economy is therefore also more stable and the fact that they dont struggle from botting as much as we do. KR mainly due to the fact u need to use ur personal number to play video games

and honing is gonna get a lot worse. 0.6% base with uyp to 1% if u feed it with items to up ur chance

Our version is new, T3 is new, but the prices have gone from like 71g for 100 guardian stones to like 23g for 100 guardian stones in a week, its certainly getting cheaper

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Do you genuinely think that anyone cares about this, when deciding what content to be released? come on.

kr server had a few years in T3 that’s why they can be careless if honing rate is low. they can do it 100+ times a day if they wanted just by farming mats/buying from the market. think they go around 1-3 g while we are 20-30 g. we are lucky to do honing 10 times a day.
I don’t even want to go over with other honing mats. on top of it we get 2.2k less gold per week. not many people can play market. I didn’t because I was playing alts. didn’t even bother to learn the market till T3.

I just want more mats to farm tbh. I am so sick of playing alts lol

They are just butthurt min/maxxers that dont want to see anyone catch up to them. They would be happy with the game if population fell to 100 people as long as they were still on top. This forum is littered with them. Alot of them have stockholm syndrome from playing on korean servers and want everyone else to suffer as much as they had to. Its really a horrible mentality, but you see it alot in games with big communities these days