This maintenance is a joke

Seriously, is it for real? You ALWAYS do the maintenance on Thursdays, and then, all of a sudden, decide to do it on Wednesday, why does it hurt me? Because today I’m leaving for a few days and wanted to finish up my weekly stuff in the morning (considering the fact the reset is at noon for me I’d have enough time to do so), but no, you had to make a sudden maintenance a day early, and now I lost some resources (gold, materials etc.).

Can you guys get your shit together and have planned maintenance always on the same day/time at least? I can get over it being in the morning for EU, as I’m usually at work anyway, but at least make it the same day, and not change it a few hours early (guess what - I was doing some of the weekly stuff on my main last night up to 9PM UTC, went to sleep after that so there was no way for me to know that you wrote something on twitter or here on forums, perhaps if you made a notification in game I could stay up late, knowing there’s no chance to finish up in the morning)

I’m glad I will have a couple of days off from the game, perhaps that will make me feel like there’s no point in playing it anymore, because that kind of stuff is far from being fair.

im squinting to play the tiny fiddle with my tweezers right now


As they said in the post, there is still maintenance tomorrow. This is just “hotfix”. So expect it to be down 8 hours tomorrow also.

They are fixing things. Things that we users complained about. You are complaining about them fixing things we were complaining about. Don’t you feel a little silly complaining about the solution to our complaints?


?? Weekly reset is status quo (which is tomorrow), but maintenance is shifted to today. There is no maintenance tomorrow.

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Wednesday maintenance is actually better because there aren’t many things to do such as chaos gates or bosses. Literally nobody gives a damn about your leave and people should stop using this forum like fucking twitter

i cAnT pLaY tHe GaMe, ThErEfOrE AGS iS bAd