This might be an unpopular opinon

Here we go, I’m gonna say it. They didn’t announce any date or anything and the delay is fine.
The communication is not exactly as lacking as many people say either. Name me ONE other MMO where the patch notes and information on update come BEFORE the actual patch with actual precise dates? There’s none. It’s how the MMO genre works, sadly. (EDIT: Ok, there’s plenty of MMOs. But gimme korean mmos localized to other regions, where the dev differs from the publisher. Where one party doesn’t have full access/decision power over any changes made)

Sure, with clear, early and precise communication, they could use the feedback to make a better game and avoid some last minute delays, but in an MMO, it kind of affects the economy and create outrage if they decide not to do something they said they would. People will complain no matter what.

P.S: My guess as to why the april update was ‘‘delayed’’ by 1 week is because the battlepass was leaked, people looked at what it was like in korea, that created outrage all over the place because honestly, it’s kind of expensive and we don’t really have multiple paid tiers of battlepass in the west usually (personally I don’t mind, but I know the feedback would be mostly negative over here. The way I see it is just more options to buy something you want, at a discount but I’m not gonna go into the details over here lol) But yeah, there was outrage about the battlepass, which would’ve most likely been released with this patch, therefore there are last minute changes to make A BETTER BATTLEPASS THAT THE COMMUNITY WILL PREFER and last minute changes are not that simple, since the whole build for the update was deemed ‘‘ready’’ until they saw the outrage about the battlepass. They can’t simply disable the battlepass in the build and need another week to work with smilegate on changes to it.

This is just a wild, logical guess as to what happened, I don’t know what’s going on behind the curtain but it seems pretty fair to assume it was something like this. (Which, with early and clear communication might’ve not caused a delay, perhaps?) but it’s fine.

Please don’t be mad that we’re not getting the update this week, seriously. It wasn’t even announced to be this week in the first place, and that’s kinda why they don’t communicate about any dates or some changes in the first place, because if something changes, people get mad.

Anyway, see you next week, Glaivier mains (LOL)


Because communication in MMO is absolute garbage doesn’t mean that it should be acceptable, and especially when your past game is called New World


How is it a delay if they didnt announce a date?

Honestly the delay is not the problem its the complete lack of communication that happens repeatedly , so many people ask for better communication and they kick us in the balls AGAIN.

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imo the problem is not the lack of communication itself, but the fact that they keep stating that they WANT TO be more transparent and communicative and aren’t.

Surely the game would be better with more communication, there’s no denying that. But you can also understand a little bit of the downsides to it and why they don’t.
(Market manipulation, false hype or outrage if they change anything or if anything is delayed)

You said it, there wasn’t any date announced. Why people are crying then? On some baseless asumptions. :smiley:

The assumptions weren’t completely baseless, and surely this was the planned date for that update, so you can understand the outrage, kind of.

But yeah, whatever happens, feedback will be mostly negative everywhere for no reasonable reason.

why didnt they just tell us in one of the hundred threads that its not gonna be tomorrow instead of knowingly disappointing people with a last minute patchnotes?

are they trying to build hype or are they trying to frustrate their playerbase?

tomorrow is the “big monthly patch day” ( like they did with argos) with new login rewards so it was logical people were expecting it tomorrow.

I agree that them saying they want to be transparent makes it even worse, but in the end both are tied, they are not transparent because they don’t communicate at all :confused:

Yes, logical. BUT it wasn’t officially stated. I also thought it will be tomorrow, but I’m not dissapointed.

My guess is because it wasn’t set in stone, maybe they were waiting on smilegate for a different build, if they could use the same build just cutting the battlepass or anything, waiting till the last minute to have a great update, but seeing as they’re not getting it in time, now they announce that it’s delayed. That’s if my theory is actually right.

well good for you then, a lot of people are though.

for me once again the biggest problem is the lack of communication.

Communication needs less fluff in my opinion. And it isn’t like AGS are willing to throw Smilegate under the bus if the bugs were from Smilegate’s side. I see no major update this week, go onto next week and just get my alts stronger lol

THAT. I’m stacking more silver and mats to boost my lancemaster higher. (which I’m not 100% sure I’ll like the class anyway, unlike all these fake ‘‘mains’’ who’ve never even played the class and will most likely let it go at the first nerf or next op class release)

It sucks because I stacked rest on my main in case we get new chaos dungeons, so I wasted a few days, but it’s whatever, life goes on. One week isn’t much in the grand scheme of things

If you want a game, PSO2 NGS has a roadmap, and active development stream which release updates on time, and what’s coming. (Even though it’s a dead game). Mainly Communication is what is lacking on AGS end.


You asked me to name you MMOs that release content timelines with deadlines. Keep in mind we aren’t talking about an expansion here, simply month to month content releases.

  1. World of Warcraft, they have a clear weekly date and time for their updates oftentimes with teasers, balance patches are typically dated two weeks before full release. New patches are typically announced with a date three months prior, never (not once) one month prior.

  2. Black Desert Online, classes are dated anywhere between 2-3 months prior to release. Content reveals and updated are typically dated 4-5 months out.

  3. Guild Wars 2, one of the worst offenders of communication they were infamous for postponing but gave clear and concise reasons why the content was being delayed but more importantly a date was attached every time.

None of these MMO’s said x is coming sometime in March, y is coming sometime in April. It’s not the norm.

I looked real quick at their road map it said ‘‘FIRST HALF OF 2022’’ Not exactly a precise date.
If anything our roadmap is more precise than that lmao

PSO2NGS is pretty bad. I played on launch and it had horrible lag for two weeks. Gacha rolls for cosmetics and worse daily content loop holes … I don’t remember what their honing was like but did it have a chance to downgrade your gear?

By the way OP I can give you 8-10 more

FFXIV - notes and dates far in advance

Wow - both as well

OP’s first mmo :weary: