This past month this forum game me a lot of advice on how to progress my roster as a returning player. Thank you, but it turns out it was wasted bandwith

2x1415 and 4x1370 characters.

So with the gold nerfs right into my backyard i’m out.

No way no shot. I don’t care about honing discounts, the illusion of prices dropping and other things people too stupid to understand basic economy try to defend their gaming delusions with.

Game’s unplayable, why tf did i even give it another chance, should have expected this from koreans or anyone with pheons in game.

Gold nerfs are lazy and uninspired, trash dev territory, good game design would be gold sinks, this just smell of “crystals sales down, screw the players over, but do it cheaply”.


Be careful, people with 6 1490+ characters will say that you are wrong.


Most ppl in this forums have alts 1490+ and don’t care as much about the nerf. As it stands it’s bad for starters and ppl with alts < 1460. I get that you get discount to push to 1445 but from there you can’t generate gold to push you to the point where you can generate gold. AGS is basically forcing you to use your wallet to get to the next checkpoint


You could have had 6x 1445 characters instead of what you have now and be better off.

Please donate your gems and gold to the needful before you uninstall.


What gems and what gold?

he totally wrong i have 2x1490 2x1460 5x1415 :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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When everyone kept telling you fomo wasn’t real play at your own pace, they weren’t talking about NA/EU lost ark.


the gold nerfs are for the devs to inspire you to play the game
sorry to hear that you don’t want to play the game


he is wrong
because getting to 1460 with the gold nerfs is magnitutedes easier than at the start without them

your perception of reality
and reality as it is
can easily differ
and only one of them is actually true

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Then what do i do after hitting 1460, naked.
Probably rave on the forum after the upcoming, yet tba clown and brel gold nerf

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The Gold nerf wrecks players in your spot, either returning, or new-ish/more casual players. Really wish there was a account/ roster check in place, that if a account has a character at or above 1475, the gold nerf stays in place. This doesnt hurt me, or others with rosters at 1475-1490 that much, its going to be a slog for guys either coming back to the game, or people that are playing at a slower pace.

Every character under 1490 is fucked with the nerf. The acessories eventually can get cheaper, but the honing post 1445 is still on the same price. With gold nerf going from 1445 to 1490 will be harder at the end.


You swipe for 200k and get yourself 5*3 and level 5 gems and try get to vykas HM lobby for hours to get … 4.5k gold KEKW

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The point is that either you spend endless hours farming anything you can farm with as many chars as possible so you increase the concurrent player number or better use your credit card. Both ways the game wins :stuck_out_tongue:


Many people have alts at 1472.5 abusing Argos and Valtan gold

These people will evbentually have to hone up now thus burning lots of the amounts of gold they have accumulated over the months.

bro what gold nerfs your roster is below 1445.

did you even read the patch notes?

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Have everything of those, but at 4x3 with lvl 5 gems i might as well be naked, who’s gonna do anything with me, do you even understand the current lobby meta?

Did you? He lost argos gold for 6 of his characters
Thats a 60% income lost on 50% of his raids


Yes, but he dsnt need any gold to hone EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER in his roster to 1445.


in his case the gold nerf < free hone to 1445.

what am i reading.


For me personally, the push from 1302 to 1415 was unimaginably painful.