This past month this forum game me a lot of advice on how to progress my roster as a returning player. Thank you, but it turns out it was wasted bandwith

I think you didn’t read what I wrote. Nevertheless I get your point of view in defending ags.

i do
stop trying to get into 1500 lobbies and you will be fine

and since you are at 1415 i think it would be wiser to start with learning lobbies


yes, but pretty much 1500 lobbies will have supports.

its not that hard to push 1445 if they care which we know they never will, they should make it 1460 and the express is 1490. kek

Yes, my roster seems to decrease in ilvl’s not increase. My bad.

And burn the raid’s gold reward for potions because these raids will full with jails. :rofl:
Mate come on’, admit it that he fkd it.

I would quit in his role, nobody wants to suffer 5x more time, for less gold.

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Man if you wanna quit then go,

you get a ton of events especially since your roster is that low, and you complain about some gold you will lose compared to ALL THE FREE shit you’re getting.


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Wow, that’s rude. You should apologize!


Gearing your character’s cost >>>>> Honing your character to ilevel’s cost
Enjoy fast raids >>>>>>>> Suffer in jails

Most of time players bought bus because with jail you will lose more gold than pay for bus.


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and without playing the jails you will never become good enough to clutch yourself out of jails and enjoy the game as a game


but ofcourse you learn valtan the best by going from mech to mech while the support shields you for 50% of your hp permanently

man idk this community is so weird.

they are bipolar.

they are lke “help new players”

then they are like “lel why gear up you will be gatekept”

i mean i dont understand honestly.

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he is defending you and you cussing at him

you know after this i’d rather you just delete the game and never look at it again
we don’t need you

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what did you expect from a p2w predatory game :joy:

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The best thing ASG can do is start giving a bunch of Battle items “weekly”. They already know how literally no one usee battle items due to how hard and rare it is to get. Unless you were there during the anniversary give away. Which was freaking 3 months ago.

My bad i was agreeing with IrishFistFight and cursing newnewb12

What are you talking about? It’s a raid, not solo game mate. If you are near to min. ilevel, you can be as pro as the fuck, you will lose there and we talk about mostly casual players who dont want to waste half days with only with one raid.

Btw you are nobody here, just like all of us, you dont need to tell how should play this game, when the AGS support the bus system and make advertisement about bussing system. :slight_smile:

Just take off from the horse, without these casual players, your situation will be worse too.

I did miss out on the rest of your raids, my b.
The only thing i can see making up for the gold loss would be to sell tradeable mats from guardians and use bounds. With argos giving 3 GHLs per blood. each argos run, with buying the boxes would net you 60 ghls a week, for about 350g

I miss replied >.< meant to lash out at newnewb12, not at you, sorry!

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