This pheon issue is just a scratch, I saw bigger upcoming issue

There will be a new class coming up in 2 days.
Which means there will be needs of a huge quantity of stones for sure.

Along with this pheon issue, I just checked the Auction house before the server shutdown,
ALL THE STONES ARE GONE. They literally disappeared from the market.
People literally bought all the stones on the market.

I am really scared to see the price of stone 2 days later.

The in-game economy will be catastrophic and already got ruined.

Please this has to be addressed.

@Roxx @Sandovall


in NA West, normally Raid Captain / Adrenaline stone had more than 8 pages.
The price range was around 400 - 1800 for a couple of weeks.

Just 15 mins before the server shutdown, I saw the page of stone had only one page
and the cheapest price was 10,000.


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At this point who cares man. the game is dead and most people just play it as a habit. How many people are diehard players? 3%? 5%? most people just play it but would INSTANTLY drop it the second another interessting game comes across. plus how many new players are coming? with all that massive negative reputation? “the game is dead” gets said very frequently but this game will have no future in the west. so many things are happening that are literally pathetic for a “serious company”

Same on EUC, most a stones have been solded… I checked for awakening/expert and KBW/RC, they were all gone

stones gets untradable once bought off from Auction house. there is no such thing as stone flipping.

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all the stocks are gone, and the demand will be drastically increased in a short term.
Will the drop rate for stone get increased? No :slight_smile:

Nobody is talking about stone flipping my man, the fact that THERE ARE NO STONES because of this makes the prices sky rocket, supply and demand, you know?

And the fact that lots of 1445 characters are coming in 2 days that need those stones therefore demand will go up aswell…

then what is the point of this post xD not like the first time we had a new class release and stone price always shot up after a class release. and many did stone cutting with the “free pheons” they got today so yah its not surprising stone is less in the AH today after all the shenanigans we had today.

You can only sell a stone once fyi

Whats the point of this post? Why would i sell a stone that reaper uses before she comes out? So i can make less money??

what is the point of this post?..

oh my… throw your CV to AGS

the point is that some players spend all the “free” pheon in stones before maintenance remove them and hoping it wont go negative afterward. They try to abuse AGS mistake and this will have an impact on stone market.

ya as i said, not the first time it happened. so what is the point?

Rest assured, your problem is not good for the player, they will not fix it, they will only change for the benefit of the player.

umm ok?

0 supply / 10 demand
5 supply / 10 demand
not seeing anything wrong?

This game is dead already, mail the wrong stuff and do stupid thing all the time from GM. And actually, people play this game not for habit; it just doesn’t have another new MMO PRG showcase this year

You cant resell stones. They probably bought them up to exploit the pheon issue before they lose them, assuming they wouldnt take them to negative. What better time to try for a 9/7 than when you dont have the pheon cost?