This player should be banned

Server: NA West Enviska
Player: illkoa

The player keeps killing daily quest monster in Wailing Swamp to bother other players so that other players weren’t able to get their daily quests done. The player also uses private chat to keep harassing other players as can be seen in the screenshots.

Talk about a name bashing witch hunt!

Hey there @huoguo

I understand it can be frustrating when other players kill the monsters needed to complete Una’s Tasks specially in the Wailling Swamp, however sometimes players might need to do it to complete quests in the area or might’ve been an accidental missclick. I recommend swapping to a less populated channel when this happens.

However if you do notice a player is intentionally and repeatedly doing this over a long period of time they might be infringing our Code of Conduct by griefing or trolling, in this situation the best thing to do is not to post it here in the forums since us forum staff don’t take part in in-game moderation and can’t take any action against players. The best thing to do is to report the player in-game if they do break the Code of Conduct, or you can fill a report web ticket by following this link:

Report a Player or Guild - Support | Amazon Games.

Hope this helps!

Hi there, thanks for replying. The player is definitely intentionally and repeatedly doing this to grief other players. The player went further to harassing players via private chat. I’ve already reported the player using AG support, but I’d want this to be noticed so the player can stop harassing others.