This Road map is a 9/10 @Roxx

Whether on streams or in my raids tonight, everyone is super hyped about the roadmap!
So I came to see on the forum, my god my eyes.
So I’m going to dare to try a little positivity:

We come out of a roadmap part1 empty of content and hype, to discover a roadmap with much more than we could have expected
-Slayer / Aero
-Kayangel / Akkan
-Kakul Hell
-New cube system / Qof teased
And this is only the submerged part of the iceberg!

The only negative point that does not make me put a 10/10, is the fact of releasing one of the two classes at the same time as a raid of legion. Preventing players who want to play it to prepare for it.

But this only default won’t prevent me from having a smile on my face
Thank you!


I think we need to make some sort of backlash like we did in Artist release, so that they move Aeromancer in July.

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Nice… Another sane person !!! PepeHappy !!!

They will move it to July if they can… Ppl need to chill for a min insted of flaming 24/7 about everything…

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The letter was a 9 out of 10,
The roadmap is a 1 out of 10.


Ummm… for you maybe and few others but for majority is good

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Here we go again… majority… “We hate math” say 4 out of 10 - the majority of americans


ffs july is late too

Bruh I’m not american… and ummm… sorry but map is good… yes some ppl want aero before but what can i do about it i don’t care about aro or slayer so not care which one is out and rest is good so yeah

Other way around majority hate it, p2w no lifer love it

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I’m not p2w or no lifer sorry… And yeah map is still good so good luck changing it !

Doubt it.

i get having some issues with the roadmap but you think this roadmap almost couldnt have been worse? like for real?

Ignoring my anger with the unwarranted Slayer over Aeromancer decision, this is still the worst roadmap we have had yet.

0.5/10 I would say