This Sasha thing better be bug or I straight up quit

If they intensionally removed Sasha affection let me say… to do something this trashy on the big valtan day I was exited about really ruins the mood for me… I just gonna quit if this is how they do things. I spend 50euro with huge hype 1 minute before I heared the news and now regret is great. I wish I could take back every penny.
NOTE: Old post, It was confirmed that the removal of affection was a bug. thank god :slight_smile:


u rly liked sasha i guess


She’s one of the most popular NPCs so honestly im not surprised. The censorship topic is also very sensitive/serious for the west.

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Sasha and ealyn affection level is removed.
No way to get the 25 vitality potion AND 25 greater stat potions now. People that already have it will have an advantage on pve content or world pvp/gvg.

People that didn’t get it will be at a disadvantage in the long run

IT’S A BUG. CONFIRMED BY ROXX HERE : This Sasha thing better be bug or I straight up quit - #82 by Roxx


I do but that’s not the point. lol. If they do this now and it goes through they do it again and i’m not gonna waste money and time to see what they nerf next.

facts xd

how do u you waste money with rapport ? if someone rly pays $ to get her max :rofl:

Doesn’t matter with how much people like, they removed good rewards and some cutscenes also some achievements if this is intended. Also, censorship is really annoying, Ealyn doesn’t even have sexy stuff


everything to complain

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i know they removed it, but it shouldnt be a reason to quit lol

for me it is.

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I understand! If they did this on purpose whats next? How much are they going to cut out of this game!

Do I want to play not knowing what other things getting a AGS censoring.


I’m hesitant to assume this is intentional but totally agree with the OP on this; If this is intentional then I’m out.

i guess u maxed her because of her cut scene xD

exacly, and the way they do it out of the blue

This is absolutely unacceptable. I’m going to assume it’s a bug for now. If it turns out not to be, well then I won’t give another penny to AGS and consider dropping their censorship pro game as whole.


It’s an acceptable reason to quit. With this, they’ve made it pretty clear what level of censorship they’re willing to exert.

For some people, whilst they may not find the affection rapport content tasteful, the heavy-handedness AGS is willing exert in the name of censorship just doesn’t confer confidence that future content would appeal to them anymore. Including things like Vykas, skins etc.


I’m not gonna lie, I hadn’t yet but I was hoping to do so at one point. <.< Only issue I had with it was should I use my bard or berserker with the interaction

what happened ? another cancel thanks to muritards woke ?

I’n not good at expressing my thought and put it into words but you said it ^^